Vinotemp International Is The One-Stop-Shop For Wine Bar Owners

A Unique Offering of Everything from Custom Wine Storage Cabinets to Creative Wine Dispensing Options makes Vinotemp the Wine Storage and Service Choice of Wine Bar Owners

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Nov. 12, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the ability to offer everything from climate controlled custom wine cabinets to inventive wine dispensing products and displays, Vinotemp International is the one-stop-shop for wine bar owners' storage, service, and budgetary needs. For decades, Vinotemp has been creating one-of-a-kind wine cabinets and other unique storage and serving solutions for wine bars. As the proliferation of wine bars continues (according to Talia Baiocchi of, "...the wine bar trend is showing no sign of fatigue"), so does the creativity behind the latest projects and products Vinotemp has provided to the foremost wine bars in the world.

A recently completed custom wine storage display at The Hidden Vine wine bar located in San Francisco, CA along with an impressive wine dispensing project at Washington DC's Tel'veh Café & Wine Bar illustrate Vinotemp's commitment to customer service and product innovation.

Vinotemp Custom Wine Cabinets: The Hidden Vine (San Francisco, CA)

When Alberto De Almeida, Jr., owner of renowned wine bar, The Hidden Vine*, decided to relocate his business to the Financial District his goal was to incorporate a stunning, climate controlled wine wall into the new space. He desired something functional yet eye-catching, "I wanted to convey the message to our customers that we are serving a high quality product and, in doing so, that we are willing to invest in storage that keeps that product in a temperature controlled environment," states De Almeida.

Attentive to both his unique design needs and his budget, Vinotemp worked with De Almeida to create a stunning array of custom, climate controlled wine cabinets with the ability to properly store and age 840 bottles of wine. "Vinotemp exceeded all of my expectations," says De Almeida. "Vinotemp worked diligently with me to turn my vision into reality. Our wine wall has become our signature look."  

"It is the first thing people see when they enter our wine bar and they say, 'Wow, that wine wall is amazing! How many bottles does it hold?'" states De Almeida. "And, it gets them to think that there is something in that wine wall that they need to try, and that is exactly the response I wanted."

*The Hidden Vine was recognized in the March 2012 issue of Travel + Leisure as one of "Americas Best Wine Bars"

Vinotemp Wine Dispensing: Tel'veh Café & Wine Bar (Washington DC)

When Tel'veh Café & Wine Bar recently opened, the buzz was all about the impressive array of Vinotemp wine dispensing units featured in the bar's distinctive design. "Each Vinotemp wine dispenser has a visual appeal that grows exponentially the more you add," states Tel'veh's General Manager and Wine Director, Alan Lamb. "By utilizing twelve in a row we've created a unique visual that you can't help but look at."

In addition to a stunning visual display, each Vinotemp dispenser is able to preserve and pour from four bottles of wine, granting Tel'veh the ability to offer 48 different wines by the glass at one time. "When you take the idea of spoilage off the table, a wine bar is able to get creative with pricing, the number of wines available, and wine flights. The wine program can then take on more of an educational tone," says Lamb. "Additionally, I can offer ultra-premium wines that are $150 per bottle for $18 a glass and the freedom to offer my guests a more robust wine-by-the-glass program sets our wine bar apart from others."

Vinotemp's wine dispensers also feature the ability to pour wine at the push of a button in two, five, and seven ounce servings. Lamb recognizes this as a perk for his customers, bartenders, and his bottom line, "...there is zero chance of over or under pouring, so every guest gets the same portion. And, when all you have to do is press a button rather than go through the mechanics of pouring multiple glasses of wine, you remove spillage, breakage, etc."

"I directed a wine program at another restaurant before this, and was against wine systems like this one because I thought it took the 'sexiness' out of the ceremony that is offering and pouring your guests wine," says Lamb. "But now as a general manager that has to constantly watch costs, I'm embarrassed to have been so short-sighted. Vinotemp relieves me of so many worries that come with a traditionally poured program, which allows me to focus on other things like picking the right wines for Tel'veh's customers."

Whether creating custom cabinets to properly store and age wine, or providing functional, stunning wine dispensing options - and everything in-between - Vinotemp is the one-stop-shop for wine bar owners. To learn more about Vinotemp, its products, and its services please call 800-777-8466 or visit

About Vinotemp International

For 25 years, Vinotemp International has manufactured custom wood wine cabinets, wine racks, and cooling systems and has been the leading distributor of wine coolers, beverage coolers, wine dispensers, wine accessories, and more. Close attention to market demand and non-standard ideas have resulted in Vinotemp's ability to offer diversified wine storage solutions utilized by renowned resorts, restaurants, hotels, and the yachting industry.  

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