FoodieSpecs(TM) Announces $1 per Pair Reading Glasses for Restaurants at and Now Available on

New Company Offers Stylish, Inexpensive Reading Glasses So Affordable That Restaurants Can Give Them Away to Customers Who Need Them

PARK CITY, Utah, Nov. 15, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A first-of-its kind service offering affordable reading glasses to restaurants and businesses who can give them away free to their customers is now available at and FoodieSpecs starter kits include stylish unisex, individually wrapped reading glasses, providing a unique service for customers who "forget their specs.", a Utah based company, complete a regional promotional launch of the service to over 200 Los Angeles area restaurants and is now launching nationwide through its website, and

The FoodieSpecs 20-Pair kit is $19.99 and includes 20 pairs of unisex 2.0 power reading glasses, a distinctive window sticker, and a cloth storage bag for the glasses. The company suggests that hostesses, waiters and waitresses be trained to mention the availability of FoodieSpecs glasses as customers are seated.   Through its website, FoodieSpecs are shipped free to all U.S. addresses.

Matt Gibson, President and Co-Founder of FoodieSpecs, said, "We've found there is a huge need for sanitary glasses by customers in restaurants who forget their reading glasses.   It's really a simple idea: restaurants and other businesses provide a great service when they offer a free pair of reading glasses to customers in need – no fuss, no cleaning the glasses, just happy customers."

Gibson said that he and a private investor co-founded the company supported by research that shows that over 65 million people in the U.S. need reading glasses, and the need grows as baby boomers age. "Who doesn't forget their reading glasses when they go out? Yet our research showed that most people are not comfortable using some old pair of glasses a restaurant might have in a drawer somewhere," said Gibson. (See "About Us" here: us).

FoodieSpecs offers the basic but stylish glasses at an initial 2.0 optical power, which its research shows satisfies most customers who need readers. "As we continue to roll out, we may offer more customized packages of powers and styles, but our focus now is on providing quality, individually wrapped glasses at the lowest price possible," Gibson explained. "Through our direct factory sourcing, the internet makes it possible for restaurants, offices, and even individual customers to purchase reading glasses at significantly less than retail prices
in stores – with a brand that people come to expect when they go out to a restaurant."

FoodieSpecs was launched in 2012 with private funding and research, design, and website work was performed by ThoughtLab, a Salt Lake City based Interactive advertising agency and web design firm.

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FoodieSpecs LLC was started to provide high-quality inexpensive reading eyeglasses to restaurants, offices, libraries, bank lobbies or any location where customers need a pair of reading glasses.  The eyeglasses are each individually wrapped, and priced to allow any business to provide them as a giveaway, helping build goodwill and increased sales through the effect.  FoodieSpecs(TM) is a registered trademark of FoodieSpecs LLC.

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