Cutting Edge Crowdfunding Site EarlyShares Strikes Deal With Hollywood Studio to Crowdfund Future Movie, Film, TV, Music and Other Entertainment Projects

Fans, Investors, Film Directors and Production Studios Can Register Now at to Be Able to Preview Upcoming Entertainment Projects in 2013

HOLLYWOOD, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 30, 2012) - EarlyShares (, America's premier Equity Based Crowdfunding platform, announced today the formation of a strategic partnership with Five by Five Media, Inc. (, the West Hollywood production company with five TV series set to air in 2013 and a slate of 12 feature films. EarlyShares will allow people to invest in entertainment projects, with their favorite actors, and/or subjects at an early stage. EarlyShares and Five by Five Media will be partnering to fulfill the promise of Equity Based Crowdfunding for the creation of premium, entertainment content to be delivered across all platforms, on all devices, everywhere and at any time.

Crowdfunding of entertainment projects started with donation-based sites helping small independent filmmakers. Mainstream studios are now jumping on board with Equity Based Crowdfunding. "Commercially successful entertainment comes from talented people receiving the money they need to execute on great ideas. People who watch are about to become the people who invest and we are talking about millions of them. Crowdfunding will fundamentally change this industry and the perfect partner for us is," says Guy Zajonc, CEO of Five by Five Media. "As soon as the new regulations take effect, a portion, if not all, of our next four film budgets will be funded by people who connect to us on Funding through will help take Five by Five Media from a production company to a 21st century studio."

EarlyShares brings a team of experts in the legal, venture capital and financial fields to make this business model straightforward and cost-effective for studios. "In the past, preparing any business to sell equity was a very cost-prohibitive and complicated process for businesses, regardless of size," said Stephen Temes, Chairman of EarlyShares. "We believe our Equity Based Crowdfunding platform is an effective method of raising the capital crucial to hire top talent, develop professional content and setup valuable distribution channels. It's exciting for us to enter the entertainment industry with such an exciting and innovative partner like Five by Five Media."

"We are excited at the prospect of fans being able to review the content they would like to support, help make and then watch on the big screen, cable, computer, TV or direct to their mobile device," Zajonc added. Five by Five Media is the production company behind reality show hit "Fashion Star" and upcoming action-adventure show "The Hero," featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who is also a partner in the project.

On December 12, 2012, EarlyShares will be hosting a live online chat session at to answer questions related to how Equity Crowdfunding can be used to finance many types of future entertainment projects and how the average American can help select and review the next big box office hits. Executives will discuss the benefits of setting up an EarlyShares Crowdfunding account before the final Securities Exchange Commission guidelines for Equity Based Crowdfunding are issued.

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