News Site Crowdfund Insider Releases Comprehensive Global Crowdfunding Industry Directory

BEACHWOOD, OH--(Marketwire - Dec 4, 2012) - Crowdfund Insider, the leading Crowdfunding news and information website, has announced the release of its Crowdfunding industry directory featuring nearly 200 equity-, debt-, rewards- and donation-based Crowdfunding platforms and news services from around the world. The directory will be the go-to resource for potential investors and businesses to begin researching crowdfunding platforms. Members of the media looking for unbiased information and sources for assignments will also find it a great resource. The directory aggregates all companies and organizations participating in the Crowdfunding industry including portals and industry associations.

"As the industry advances, new Crowdfunding-related companies are entering the market from around the globe," says Charles Luzar, Director of Crowdfund Insider. "As the first provisions of the JOBS Act go into effect, there's a pressing need for a clearinghouse of data where people can quickly reference different industry players. Our directory enables visitors to quickly and easily segregate by category, like rewards-based or equity-based platforms, or even search by country." 

Crowdfund Insider was launched earlier this year to provide the market with objective coverage of the crowdfunding industry. In addition to producing original data and research, the site's aim is to provide resources and information for investors and entrepreneurs interested in exploring crowdfunding. 

"The directory is one more example of our commitment to providing useful resources and tools to our readers," states Luzar. "This is only the beginning -- we have many other features planned to roll out in 2013."

"Crowdfund Insider's company directory was built with ease of use in mind. We incorporated a responsive design that is tailored to both mobile and non-mobile environments and can be easily expanded upon in the future. Users can bookmark the directory to their smartphone or tablet for easy reference on the go," Luzar adds.

"Crowdfund Insider is seeking to provide a valuable solution to a large and growing problem: the sheer number of crowdfunding sites makes it difficult to find the best platform for each situation," says Devin Thorpe, successful investor and Forbes contributor. "Crowdfund Insider should make it easier for anyone raising money online to find a platform that offers the best chance for success."

Future versions of the Crowdfunding directory will feature increased coverage, additional search options and more data to provide even greater value for visitors.

Crowdfund Insider is encouraging industry members from around the world to submit their companies to the directory via the "Add a Company" form. The website is also currently screening a limited number of contributors for guest writing opportunities. Qualified contributors will provide high-quality, unbiased articles on topics related to the crowdfunding industry. 

"This is truly an exciting period for Crowdfunding and finance in general," says Luzar. "Startups and existing businesses alike are about to have a new option for raising capital. They're going to need tools, advice and data to help them navigate this increasingly complex space, and we look forward to helping in that effort any way we can," adds Luzar.

The directory is now available on the Crowdfund Insider website at

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