MFI-Miami Warns JPMorgan-Chase Foreclosure Against Former Green Beret Could Destroy Jamie Dimon's Chances At Becoming Treasury Secretary

Boynton Beach, Florida, UNITED STATES

Detroit, Dec. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On December 4, 2012, Steve Dibert, President of MFI-Miami, an internationally recognized leader in investigating mortgage fraud, wrote on his website that the rogue foreclosure against Jeffrey Reed, a former Green Beret and combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm by JPMorgan Chase, could destroy Jamie Dimon's chances of becoming the next U.S. Treasury Secretary.

MFI-Miami claims this nightmare began for Mr. Reed, his wife and his disabled son after they signed a loan modification agreement with JPMorgan Chase in September of 2010.  When Mr. Reed made the third payment of the modification agreement, JPMorgan Chase, N.A allegedly reneged on the deal and through their attorneys Trott & Trott began a process referred to as "Dual Tracking".  This is a process in which a mortgage servicer makes the homeowner believe the servicer is working on their behalf when in reality the servicer is covertly foreclosing on them.

Aside from allegedly reneging on a signed contract, MFI-Miami believes JPMorgan Chase violated several Michigan laws during the foreclosure process and was brazen enough to cheat the state of Michigan and Leelanau County out of the Michigan Real Estate Transfer Tax when JPMorgan Chase deeded the house to Fannie Mae during Mr. Reed's redemption period.  The documents supporting MFI-Miami's claims can be seen on MFI-Miami's website.

 "Let's face it, it is not cool to jerk around veterans especially Green Berets or Navy SEALs,"  MFI-Miami President Steve Dibert explains, "Aside from it being bad karma to jerk around combat veterans, it makes Jamie Dimon and his crew look un-American and like a bunch of ingrates. Men like Jeff Reed dodged bullets for the rest of us who didn't have the cojones to sign up."

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon could be the one who faces serious repercussions for the actions that JPMorgan Chase management has taken against Jeff Reed since Dimon is on the short list to be nominated as the next U.S. Treasury Secretary in January.   Any bad decisions made by JPMorgan Chase management in Reed's fight to keep his home could destroy Dimon's chances of being nominated or being confirmed.

"This is a clear sign that the management at JPMorgan Chase and the attorneys at David Trott's law firm have lost all sense of reality when it comes to dealing with not only homeowners but with combat veterans," said MFI-Miami President Steve Dibert, "First of all, you shouldn't jerk around veterans period.  You especially don't pick a fight with someone who's been trained in guerilla warfare, to ignore pain, to ignore weather, to live off the land and to eat things that would make a billy goat puke."


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