Isola to Debut Signal Integrity Analyzer Demo at DesignCon 2013

Exhibit Will Demonstrate the Reliability of Ultra-Low Loss Laminates to Meet the Ever-Increasing Challenge of Faster Data Rates

CHANDLER, Ariz., Jan. 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Isola Group S.a.r.l., a market leader in copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepreg materials, will exhibit at the upcoming DesignCon 2013 conference and exhibition, January 29-30, 2013 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. DesignCon is one of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry's premier events to learn about the latest advanced products, technologies and developments in the market.

As the pursuit for cost-effective 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) becomes an imminent reality, Isola continues to innovate and design ultra-low loss laminates to meet the ever-increasing challenge of faster data rates, The company will introduce its new Signal Integrity Analyzer demo at DesignCon. Attendees are invited to join Isola in booth 819 to enter to win one of five Microsoft Surface™ tablets, five iPad® Minis or a Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 2 and view the high-speed digital performance of I-Tera®, Isola's ultra-low loss resin system, in an eye diagram generated by a BERTScope – PRBS31 pattern, up to 12.5 Gb/s data rates. The PCB design used in this demo features a daughter-card backplane configuration with single-ended transmission lines ranging from 16" to 60" (41 cm to 152 cm) routed on I-Tera. Isola will display the signal integrity of I-Tera by analyzing its rise/fall times, eye width/height, jitter at eye crossing and other key data points to demonstrate the high speed of its data rates.

Visitors to the Isola's booth will be able to get their DesignTOUR game card validated and will learn about the company's newest products, including:

  • I-Tera®: Ultra low-loss laminate (Df 0.0035) for high-speed digital, backplane and RF/microwave designs
  • I-Speed®: Lead-free compatible, low-loss (Df 0.0065) laminate
  • 185HR: High reliability, lead-free compatible, standard loss product
  • FR408HR: High-performance, multifunctional resin system reinforced with E-glass fabric
  • GreenSpeed™: Mid-loss, CAF resistant, lead-free compatible, halogen-free system

Lee Ritchey, founder and president of Speeding Edge, will present a technical paper entitled, "High-Speed Signal Path Losses as Related to PCB Laminate Type and Copper Roughness Effect" in Ballroom E on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 from 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM. The presentation discusses testing that was done on seven different laminate systems used to build test PCBs in order to determine how loss is impacted by the effect of using smooth vs. standard copper. In addition, the lowest cost method for controlling skew was determined and the loss tangent of several materials was established. The result provides engineers with information to reliably model path loss. Mr. Ritchey worked with Isola to gather data for this paper.

For more information, stop by Booth 819 at DesignCon or visit

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