Play:Rewind - A New Music and Media Service is Born

With a Browser-Based Music and Media Collection App, Swedish Play:Rewind Aim to Capture the Market of Streaming Your Own Content From the Cloud

LINKOPING, Sweden, Jan. 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Play:Rewind today disclose that they are launching a new music and media service targeting all people that enjoy the freedom of streaming music, but has grown tired of monthly subscriptions and not owning the music they listen to.

Founder, Daniel Arthursson says, "We all love streaming, but although you have access to millions of songs, you end up owning zero music. What happens to your playlists if you stop paying? With Play:Rewind we are trying to reinvent this, with the starting point of the music you own, the cloud and the convenience of streaming."

The new service is going to build out as a closed beta with invitation only, in order to guarantee quality and allow the service to scale in a controlled pace. With a browser-based 10 foot view user interface, the service is ready to be enjoyed on any computer or using a remote control from the TV sofa.

Play:Rewind is all about your media collection, being able to quickly search and find exactly what you want to listen to, build playlists, share playlists and be inspired by the cover art of all your albums. It should be fun and social to explore music, with Play:Rewind we have done everything to create an appealing visual experience. If you are looking for a grey user interface with long lists of songs or a file system view, Play:Rewind will not be the music service of choice. This is a music service that will remind you of your music collection, allowing you to once again find your old gems.

Daniel Arthursson says, "This is just the beginning, we think Play:Rewind will become the go to place for cloud-based media consumption. It replaces the need to setup and configuring complex media servers or NAS appliances at home and it offers anywhere access through many different types of devices."

About Play:Rewind

Play:Rewind is a new company, founded in 2013, within the innovation company Xcerion portfolio. Xcerion have previously successfully launched services like a virtual cloud desktop and the brand, today owned by Apple. Companies in the Xcerion portfolio include the European storage service and


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