Chocolate, Champagne and Roses Designed to Last a Lifetime

Jewelry Gifts Get Extra Romantic This Valentine's Day

NEW YORK, Jan. 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It is predicted that $5.9 billion will be spent on Valentine's Day jewelry gifts this year, up from $5.7 billion last year. Little boxes bring big joy, and the experts at Jewelry Information Center predict the hottest jewelry gifts this Valentine's Day will be inspired by many symbols of romance.

"Jewelry gifts for Valentine's Day are a no-brainer," says Amanda Gizzi, spokesperson for Jewelry Information Center – the consumer education arm of Jewelers of America. "Every woman appreciates receiving a gift of jewelry. Jewelry is designed to last a lifetime and will be a valentine she cherishes for years to come."

As if a jewelry gift was not romantic enough, this year's top Valentine's Day jewelry gifts are inspired by chocolate, roses, champagne and more. The top jewelry gifts include:

  1. Chocolate – Yellow is gold's most famous color, but when mixed with the right alloys, gold can have a rich, chocolate color that women will undoubtedly crave! Chocolate colored diamonds and gemstone jewelry should also be on the menu.
  2. Champagne – Champagne traditionally accompanies celebratory moments. Celebrate your love with a gift of champagne diamond jewelry. Diamonds come in every color of the rainbow, and champagne diamonds sparkle more than a crystal flute filled with bubbly.
  3. Roses – Yes, roses are romantic, but flowers wilt. Rose-cut diamonds and gemstones are a beautiful and eternal reminder of your love.
  4. Lace – A current jewelry trend that makes a perfect gift for your sweetheart is lace-work jewelry. Designed to emulate delicate lace fabric, lace designs are romantic and ultra-feminine.
  5. Custom-made love – One-of-a-kind, just like your love. Engraving or incorporating your loved one's birthstone turns every piece of jewelry into a one-of-a-kind treasure. Romantic engraving ideas include love notes, names or special dates. Head to your local Jewelers of America-member retailer to have a piece of jewelry engraved this Valentine's Day.

The perfect jewelry gift awaits you at your local jeweler. There is something special for every love, every budget, and every man and woman available. Visit Jewelry Information Center's website,, to see examples of these gifts ideas, find gift inspiration and to find a reputable Jewelers of America member near you.

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