Privia and VisibleThread Form Strategic Partnership

HERNDON, Va., Feb. 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Privia, the industry leader in capture, bid, and proposal management software and services, today announced a strategic partnership with VisibleThread, whose language audit software provides critical document content analysis to bid and proposal managers and government agencies.

Under the partnership, Privia will recommend VisibleThread to customers as a means of analyzing responses for clarity, creating first pass compliance matrices from both PDF or MS Word docs, and verifying that proposals address key win strategies. Additionally, VisibleThread will recommend Privia to customers looking to automate their proposal processes and workflow and augment their staff with Privia's proposal experts.

VisibleThread analyzes proposal documents picking out complex, risky language and poor content. It increases content review efficiency by 45% by cutting down on the amount of time proposal managers and writers spend in color team sessions. Privia customers that adopt VisibleThread will benefit from having software that has advanced content analysis capabilities, specifically with proposal efforts that include multiple volumes. VisibleThread can also create a first pass compliance matrix on any document, such as an RFP, PWS, or SOW to check for words like 'will', 'shall', or 'must'. This reduces the hours that capture and proposal managers put into analyzing documents for compliance requirements.

VisibleThread can now recommend to its customers involved in capture and proposal management, the opportunity to automate their proposal processes and workflow for storing, sharing, reviewing, and editing documents with the Privia product, as well as Privia's team of proposal experts for various professional services offerings.

"As a capture or proposal manager, one of your main tasks is to make sure requirements are compliant and being met," said Glenn Giles, President and CEO of Privia.  "VisibleThread helps capture and proposal managers maintain compliance with the highest level of efficiency while still maintaining effective process."

"We are always looking for ways to offer more to our customers, and Privia is just that," said Fergal McGovern, CEO of VisibleThread. "In an industry that relies so much on quick turnaround and repetition, being able to automate as many processes as possible while still maintaining integrity of work is something both of our organizations look to do. This partnership will deliver value to our mutual customer base."

The partnership will also include several joint marketing efforts, such as webinars and in-person events.  Initially VisibleThread is a gold sponsor and will present at Achieve 2013, Privia's annual user conference, on February 20 – 21, 2013 in Herndon, Virginia.

About VisibleThread

VisibleThread develops document content analysis software that identifies defects and streamlines document compliance. The company's analysis software enables users to scan MS Office and PDF docs for liability concerns, automatically create compliance documents, and provide oversight throughout proposal development.

About Privia

Privia provides an array of products and services to help organizations streamline the entire bid, capture and proposal process—from pipeline management and reporting to teammate collaboration and proposal development. Leading organizations such as CSC, Management Concepts, Merlin International, MicroTech, Scientific Research Corporation (SRC) and USIS are streamlining processes to save time and money in areas such as bids and proposals and past performance management. Privia also offers a wide variety of professional services, including a team of proposal experts who are available to augment your proposal staff.  For further information, visit

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