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SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Acteva, the leading solution provider for online ticketing, registration, payment and front/back office management solution for events, meetings, trade shows, classes and training programs has partnered with Grupio (, one of the leading mobile event applications development companies, to create an integrated social and mobile event experience.

The new application, Acteva Mobile, is based on Acteva's Private Community Management (APCM) solution, a private social networking platform for events and organizations. Acteva Mobile is available as a native application on Apple iOS and Google Android-based phones and tablets, and is automatically available to any event organizer using APCM to host their event's social site.

Unlike the traditional conference experience, built around logistics and content, Acteva Mobile takes attendees participation to the next level with the conference experience built around people, their social interactions and relationships. Acteva Mobile is a "one-stop-shop" app that provides direct access to all event related information (such as schedules, maps, floor plans and speakers directories) through a convenient mobile interface. To take it a step further, event organizers can use the built-in Acteva Mobile content management feature to enable attendee-to-attendee messaging, create surveys, and keep everyone informed about specific events or schedule changes with real-time push notifications to selected groups or the entire event audience. Other web-based content can be easily posted to Acteva Mobile, such as event venue maps or information about nearby hotels, restaurants, hot spots, car rental or special deals. The application provides unlimited social opportunities to both event organizers and attendees by spreading the word or taking pictures and instantly sharing them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Acteva mobile is free for the event organizer, but a small fee is charged to download the app from the app store.

Since Acteva Mobile is fully integrated with Acteva's flagship Event & Training management platform – A3 - and Private Community Management platform (APCM), any event organizer can easily set up a feature-rich social site for hosting their event information, and enable social networking amongst their event attendees (or members) before, during and after the event or training. Event Organizers can even use APCM for virtual attendees. APCM enables the organizer to post bulletins and updates about the event and associated activities, post photos and videos, and all event/session materials, as well host any number of event-focused discussions and groups. Event Registrants can view information about other attendees and message others via the internal messaging system. Information flows automatically between APCM and Acteva Mobile so that either the APCM web application or Acteva Mobile can be used by event attendees. Attendee information can be easily uploaded or integrated into APCM via its open APIs. No additional work is required to use Acteva Mobile. APCM is available to any event organizer through Acteva at

The Acteva Event Management System and Acteva Class Management System are already integrated with APCM so Acteva EMS and Acteva CMS customers can make their events and classes social and mobile simply by connecting their Acteva account to APCM. Acteva customers should contact their Account Executive or Acteva Client Services for more information.

"Acteva has been shaping the event industry for the last 14 years. We are now placing the event experience directly into the hands event attendees. With Acteva Mobile they can now access other attendees' profiles and interact with them more easily than ever, they can create their own Conference schedule, view exhibitor information, receive event alerts and updates in real time, provide survey feedback immediately and as a result – our organizers can create more successful and effective events with happier attendees at very little additional cost," says Bill Briner, VP of Products and Services for Acteva.

The future of events is mobile," comments Grupio Co-Founder S. Pandey …. "and now more and more event organizers are looking to have an app for their event. Grupio is very excited to provide its industry leading mobile app not just for Acteva's events but, more importantly, so that all organizations using Acteva can easily enable a mobile experience for their customers – at zero additional cost."

About Acteva:

Founded in 1998, Acteva is the largest and most experienced Online Registration & Payment; Event, Conference, Tradeshow, Class & Training Management and Secure Private Community Solution provider in the market today. They have been helping organizers manage and promote their events, classes, trainings, and online payment management for over 14 years. Acteva is a pioneer in the Event technology industries, helping more than 25,000 organizations host over 500,000 events that have been attended by more than 8 million people. Acteva serves corporations, organizations and numerous non-profits such as the Food Shippers of America, Crain Communications, American Red Cross, the Leukemia Research Foundation, the World Cup Dreams Foundation, World Policy Institute and many more. For more information about Acteva please visit

The Acteva logo is available at

About Grupio

Founded in 2008, Grupio is an industry leading provider of mobile apps for events, conferences and trade shows. Grupio develops native apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. With Grupio's technology, event planners create an open real-time communication channel with their attendees and offer convenience and enhanced networking capabilities to their attendees and exhibitors. Its technology is being used worldwide by event planners and enterprises such as Cognizant, Novartis and Johnson &Johnson. For more information, visit Grupio at


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