South Valley Veterinarian Launches Heartworm Prevention Campaign

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Feb. 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A South Valley veterinarian is doing his part to provide affordable heartworm prevention programs by offering discounted products and services to local pet owners. Dr. William Heite reports that his veterinary care center, South Valley Animal Clinic and Equine Wellness, is launching its Fourth Annual Heartworm Test Special, in which owners can receive special deals on their pets' heartworm testing and HeartGard Plus preventative products, beginning this March 1st. "It's our way of making sure local dogs and cats receive the protection they need against a dangerous yet entirely preventable problem," says Dr. Heite.

Heartworm infestations begin as mosquito bites in which the insect introduces the heartworm larvae into the animal's bloodstream. The larvae then migrate to the heart or lungs of the infested animal, where they mature into long, thin worms. The worms can live in this manner for many years, causing a gradual deterioration of the animal's health. Dr. Heite notes that the condition may produce minimal or confusing symptoms "Dogs may cough, appear fatigued, lose interest in food and lose weight, while cats may also vomit and develop breathing problems," he says, "and these are all symptoms that can suggest a variety of other diseases."

Regular testing is the only way to know for sure whether a companion animal has heartworm, in which case prompt treatment may save or at least extend his life. "That's why we offer this Heartworm Test Special every year," says Dr. Heite. "The sooner we can catch the condition, the better chance we have of treating it successfully."

The veterinarian urges regular preventative care as the most sensible strategy for fighting heartworm infestation. "Monthly doses of medications such as HeartGard Plus allow us to keep heartworm at bay, helping to ensure a higher quality of life for your companion animal."

The clinic's Fourth Annual Heartworm Test Special aims to make the adoption of such a wellness routine simple and affordable. Every owner who participates in this offer by scheduling canine or feline heartworm testing in March will receive a special $6 rate for the test when they purchase 12 doses of heartworm prevention (while supplies last).

Additionally, owners who buy 12 doses of HeartGard Plus will get $12 back on their purchase. The clinic even plans to post trivia questions on its Facebook page as part of a contest, awarding prizes to the winners. "We're trying to boost heartworm awareness in the most interesting and entertaining way possible," says Dr. Heite. "We hope that this special offer will encourage companion animal owners to seek heartworm testing and prevention for their beloved pets."

In addition to heartworm testing and prevention, the clinic provides a variety of cat, dog and equine care services, dental care, wellness evaluations, vaccinations, farm visits and house calls. The Albuquerque clinic also provides service to the areas of Los Lunas and South Valley.

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