Scribe Advances Data Integration With Major Upgrade to Scribe Online Platform

Open, User-Centric Approach Reduces TCO and Speeds Time to Value for ISVs, Resellers, SIs and Enterprises

MANCHESTER, NH--(Marketwire - Mar 11, 2013) - Scribe Software, a leading provider of data integration solutions, today announced significant enhancements to its award-winning Scribe Online Platform, including the release of Integration Services. Available now, the innovative cloud platform makes the time-intensive, complex process of data integration open, user-centric and available to key stakeholders beyond those with deep technical programming expertise. Making cloud and hybrid data integration between core business systems such as CRM, Marketing Automation and ERP accessible beyond IT through a visually intuitive design process frees up valuable engineering resources, speeds systems implementation and integration, and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).

Scribe Online provides:

  • An innovative visual design environment inspired by Scratch, a programming language for children developed by MIT Media Lab engineers
  • Comprehensive integration and replication services
  • Pre-built solutions for popular integration needs (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, ExactTarget®, Marketo® and QuickBooks™)
  • Scalable platform built on leading cloud infrastructure
  • Support for solution bundling and distribution through Scribe Marketplace

An Innovative Visual Design Environment
The Scribe Online Platform provides a radically new way for Scribe's growing ecosystem of software provider and systems integrator partners to create complete, responsive and accessible cloud integration solutions for businesses of all sizes.

"We sought to further simplify the implementation of complex, cloud and hybrid integrations by introducing an intuitive visual interface," said Eddie Cole, Vice President of Engineering, Scribe. "That meant throwing out preconceived ideas of how things should work and seeking inspiration from innovative, user-centric solutions from the design and visual programming fields. We broke the entire process down and built it from the ground up based on our deep integration expertise and innovation in programming."

Integration and Replication Services
Using Scribe's Integration and Replication Services, Connectors and pre-built solutions, customers and partners can:

  • Replicate cloud data to a local database for reporting, analytics or backup
  • Integrate key customer data (e.g., sales data, contact information) across critical business systems such as CRM, Marketing Automation, ERP and support
  • Connect on-premise and cloud-based CRM and ERP to everyday applications such as Marketo, ExactTarget, GoToWebinar and QuickBooks quickly and easily

"Getting the right data to the right applications and touch points in real time accelerates business and drives better outcomes for customers," said Lou Guercia, CEO, Scribe. "Traditionally, though, the required integrations were complex and time consuming. With this upgrade and our cloud services, we streamline and simplify integration processes to help companies and their partners realize results faster."

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will help our enterprise customers grow their business, and we believe platforms like Scribe Online will be particularly valuable in enabling enterprise success quickly," said Bob Stutz, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft. "Built on Microsoft Azure, we have confidence in Scribe Online's ability to scale to support our large implementations in the coming year."

Both Replication Services and Integration Services are available now on the Scribe Online platform.

Partner-centric Approach for Greater ROI
With the enhancements to the Scribe Online Platform, Scribe continues to expand the capabilities available to its growing ecosystem of leading software providers including Marketo, ExactTarget, ON24, FinancialForce, Znode and Silverpop. Multipoint integration allows these software providers not only to connect to CRM and ERP applications through Scribe, but also to other relevant industry and cloud applications.

The visual interface speeds the development of new integrations enabling them to get to market quicker and for customers to realize value faster.

Additionally, system integrators (SIs) and value added resellers (VARs) are able to package applications, integrations and services into relevant solution bundles that can be resold to target industries. This allows SIs and VARs to deliver value faster to their customers.

"We know that up to 80 percent of CRM returns go unrealized -- therefore it's imperative that all parties, from system integrators and consultants to ISVs and VARs, are able to drive value by extending and accelerating their offerings," said Rebecca Wetteman, Vice President, Nucleus Research. "With Scribe's new flexible infrastructure, partners are able to help their customers see greater return on their CRM through flexible data integration."

Benefits and Features

  • Visual design environment
  • Packaged integration solutions
  • Build-it-yourself connectivity
  • Pure cloud with premise option
  • Scale and distribution for SMBs and ISVs
  • Relevant ecosystem of solutions and connectivity for customers

About Scribe Software
Scribe Software is the leader in CRM data integration solutions, helping businesses maximize their investments in CRM, ERP, industry applications, and other data assets. With over 12,000 customers and 1,000 partners worldwide, Scribe is a proven provider of cost-effective, reliable data solutions that give a competitive advantage to businesses large and small. With a range of offerings covering cloud, hybrid, and premise integration needs, Scribe has solutions that span a wide array of industries including Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Media & Entertainment.

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