Ophthalmology Pioneer's New Book, 'Pi in Eye,' Details Revolutionary Vision Surgery

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 11, 2013) -  In his new, full-color book, "Pi in Eye," (www.piineye.com), pioneering ophthalmologist Rajesh Khanna details the latest in corrective vision surgery for people ages 45 and older.

"There have been many advances in surgical vision options going back several decades, but we have had to wait for technology to catch up," says Khanna, who helped refine Prelex, which restores near, middle and distance vision in both eyes. "Unfortunately, most people aren't aware of the new alternative to Lasik, which just doesn't have a good success rate in older adults."

Prelex is like Lasik in that the procedure uses lasers. However, Lasik gives one eye distance vision and the other near vision, says Khanna, a certified Master of Surgery and internationally recognized Lasik and refractive vision-care specialist.

"Middle-aged and older patients will also have much better results with Prelex because their muscles don't have to adapt, as they do with Lasik," he says. "Younger patients tend to have better results with Lasik because their muscles adapt faster."

The first edition of his book received many positive reviews, including Good Reads reviewer Christina, who gave the book five out of five stars:

"Dr. Rajesh Khanna has presented an excellent alternative to Lasik surgery for those individuals that are over 45 and have possibly had Lasik or were even turned down for it.

"In this book, he has given all the information needed for anyone interested, whether for themselves or for a loved one, to make an informed decision about what is best for their eyes..."

About Dr. Rajesh Khanna

A certified Master of Surgery, Dr. Rajesh Khanna is an internationally recognized Lasik and refractive vision care specialist. He specializes in the most technologically advanced methods of refractive laser surgery, including the ultra precise Wavefront, 3D ActiveTrak and Variable Spot Scanning used to correct near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatisms. Dr. Khanna completed his ophthalmology residency at SUNY Downstate, in Brooklyn, NY. He obtained his fellowship training from the prestigious University of Cincinnati. He is on the faculty of UCLA. He has pioneered many techniques in the field of Lasik and refractive surgery, and he invented various instruments to aid in surgery.

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