Gains Tremendous Momentum Adding Users From More Than 100 Countries Since Inception

Rapid Global Expansion Validates Need for Anonymous Social Network

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 20, 2013) - Social Number, the only anonymous social network that offers users a permanent identity, is experiencing unprecedented growth in the four months following its initial launch in December. Validating the need for users to anonymously discuss sensitive issues -- religion, politics, dating, gun control, hacking, and hundreds others -- freely, Social Number now has over tens of thousands of active users, representing over 100 countries in all continents. 

Social Number users connect with others around the world that share the same interests but need a virtual place to have open, but private discussions. Thus far, users have participated in over 900 discussion groups, with Atheism, Anonymous, Controversial Questions, and Sex among the most popular discussion groups. With one, unique simple number, users can openly discuss their views without the threat of bosses, professors or other superiors.

In addition to group discussions, users are connecting with other like-minded people called "Pals" based their profiles. Users are also expressing themselves on their expressions page with their thoughts, frustrations, and feelings.

"Our users are finding a home on Social Number and are discussing real-world issues such as atheism, gun control and even those taboo topics such as substance abuse and political discussions around Syria, Palestine, and other controversial groups. The hacking group 'Anonymous' has also found a home on our site," says CEO and co-founder of Social Number, M.K. "People are having a positive experience and anonymity is enabling those who might be oppressed and unable to speak freely to have a place that is safe and open. With all the privacy issues with Facebook, provides a special environment for all to be heard and to have a voice. We're excited to continue this momentum, as this demonstrates a real need for a place like this to exist online."

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About Social Number:
Social Number is the only true anonymous social networking site that provides you a unique identity while allowing users to connect with other 'like-minded' people anonymously, discuss any topic openly and express themselves freely -- without revealing their true identity. Users get a social number and that is their only identity. Social Number Inc. is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Silicon Valley.

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