HydroPoint Announces WeatherTRAK Central Spring Release

WeatherTRAK Smart Irrigation Solutions Introduces New Water Budget Management Functions, and Time-Saving Remote Operations With Real-Time Diagnostics

PETALUMA, Calif., April 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc., the proven leader in Smart Water Management Solutions, today announced new water budget management functionality, time-saving remote operation and diagnostic features, security enhancements and user interface upgrades to WeatherTRAK.net and WeatherTRAK Central service. Together with WeatherTRAK Smart Irrigation controllers, the solutions help property managers, landscape professionals and asset owners save time, money, and property value.

"HydroPoint is committed to delivering high value central control applications and a seamless cloud-based platform of real-time visibility, responsive control, strong diagnostics and reporting to our partners and customers," said Christopher Spain, CEO and President at HydroPoint.  "Designed for ease of use, the robust WeatherTRAK feature sets transform our customers into true water management experts. WeatherTRAK Central combines superior performance with lowest cost of ownership."

The WeatherTRAK Central all-in-one solutions suite integrates daily site-specific evapotranspiration (ET) weather data accurate down to one square kilometer with the WeatherTRAK smart irrigation controller's proven scheduling engine to eliminate water waste and dynamically adjust irrigation schedules as local weather or site conditions change. The WeatherTRAK.net centralized management is used to oversee the site and irrigation system.   

The WeatherTRAK Central 2013 Spring Release addresses key benefit areas important to customers:

Optimize Smart Irrigation across Multiple Sites with Smart Diagnostics and Control

Many of HydroPoint's customers are companies or contractors with a large portfolio of sites and controllers, and they rely on WeatherTRAK to automate irrigation and provide tools to manage visibility, analytics and control across multiple sites and controllers. Users can now quickly make station-specific setting changes for multiple controllers and sites with a single click. Faster navigation through dashboards, reports and one-click drill down from key graphs facilitates analysis of trends across multiple controllers.  The Spring Release also improves the overall performance of these functions, including IE 9 and Firefox enhancements to increase real-time response, reporting and interactive dashboard display.
Increase Remote and Mobile Efficiency with Easy to Use Tools

With the growing popularity of the WeatherTRAK Mobile App, HydroPoint now enables specific users to have mobile-only logins, giving field workers time saving central access to perform manual irrigation for wet checks or system maintenance as well as visibility to station specific alerts from their iPhone, iPad, Android or tablet while preserving the customer's  ability to manage structured access levels for multiple users.
Protect Landscape, Building, and Property Assets with Intelligent Flow Analysis and Control

New flow management tools quickly catch leaks and breaks, keeping small issues from becoming large investments.  Flow management capabilities now include the addition of learned flow on a single station, a set of stations or all stations for WeatherTRAK flow-enabled controllers.  Users can remotely clear electrical and flow alerts on a controller and perform initial flow rate diagnostics from desktop or mobile devices rather than at the actual controller. The WeatherTRAK Central Spring Release also expands flexibility to change settings remotely, including Station High Flow Offset and extended leak delay time.

Track, Analyze and Easily Communicate Water Use Against Budgets

WeatherTRAK's Budget Manager is a new application designed to provide simple real-time visibility, tracking and reporting of a site's water consumption and water bill dollars. Maintainers, resource managers and property managers can better understand irrigation performance and potential savings.  The application includes a dashboard with graphic display of progress against budget, interactive tools to analyze budget trends, and a series of budget-related reports to make it easy to communicate budget analysis to others. Where flow is enabled, the Budget Manager also offers opportunity to assess estimated controller usage, quickly identifying issues between water bill cycles and assessing the conservation potential for landscape investments such as high efficiency nozzles.

Manage and Share Site Asset Inventory via a Centralized Repository

Landscape professionals and property managers have to track physical assets at each site. With the release of WeatherTRAK Site Asset Manager, customers now have a central system that is easily shared across multiple users to keep site and asset information accessible. Interactive Google Maps and GIS (Geographic  Information System) tools track the location and current status of key irrigation assets in real-time.  Information including type of asset, controller firmware version and microzone is read from the controllers and dynamically updates the site inventory. Users can import site images to use in reports for visual reference while creating inventories of landscape, equipment and system assets.  

Already leading the irrigation industry with advanced central control systems, HydroPoint created several user and system security enhancements, including stronger levels of user login and password management, for those clients requiring more sophisticated SAS providers and IT standards. 

About HydroPoint Data Systems

HydroPoint Data Systems, founded in 2002, is the market and technology leader in Smart Water Management. An EPA WaterSense Partner, HydroPoint automates water efficiency and smart buildings with real-time weather analytics, leak detection and wireless applications, delivering a true 360° approach to Water IT and a multitude of financial benefits.

As water becomes an increasingly critical resource with mounting environmental and economic consequences, leading companies across the U.S. have identified HydroPoint technology as the green initiative with the fastest payback. Thousands of HydroPoint subscribers including corporations like Aimco, Lockheed Martin, and federal, municipal, and educational institutions saved 20 billion gallons of water, 77 million kilowatt hours and 103 million pounds of CO2 in 2012 alone.

Proven in 25 independent studies, including the vanguard pollution runoff study led by the EPA, the company's WeatherTRAK® Smart Irrigation Solution saves water, reduces energy demand, and protects water quality while eliminating landscape water waste, water-related liabilities and expense exposure. Headquartered in Petaluma, Calif., HydroPoint is privately owned and operated. For more information, visit www.HydroPoint.com.


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