West Chester Optometrist Reinforces the Importance of Routine Eye Exams

Dr. Christopher Kuc, an Optometrist at Chester County Eye Care Associates, Recommends Patients Receive Yearly Eye Exams to Test for Common and Sometimes Symptomless Ocular Concerns and Diseases

WEST CHESTER, PA--(Marketwired - Apr 30, 2013) - Dr. Christopher Kuc, an optometrist in West Chester, PA, recommends to most of his patients at Chester County Eye Care Associates that they schedule yearly routine eye exams. According to him, maintaining a regular eye exam schedule is essential to detecting potentially harmful vision conditions and symptomless ocular diseases.

Dr. Kuc notes, "There are many diseases that can affect the eyes of even the healthiest individuals." For example, he says glaucoma is a disease often caused by high eye pressure that many times has no symptoms until the individual has permanently lost vision. Since no other health care provider checks eye pressure other than an eye doctor, Dr. Kuc adds that these routine examinations serve as an essential preventative precaution.

When conducting a standard eye exam, Dr. Kuc first looks at the medical history of the patient's eyes before checking visual acuity one eye at a time. Neurologic and muscle function of the eyes are then tested while assessing the eye externally with a penlight. He says a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses may also be checked at this stage.

By examining the anterior (front) surface of the eye with a microscope and checking the eye pressure, Dr. Kuc says he can inspect for signs of glaucoma, dryness, or cataracts. Dilation drops are then normally administered so the posterior (back) chamber of the eye can be examined. During this part of the examination, the West Chester optometrist says the blood vessels, optic nerve, and macular region of the retina are inspected for signs of diabetes, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, among other common complications.

For routine refractive problems, Dr. Kuc will prescribe glasses or contact lenses. If contact lens training is needed, a second appointment will be scheduled. In cases where risk for eye disease is detected, some screening tests can be performed that same day. Dr. Kuc will typically bring high-risk patients back for further testing such as visual fields, photographs, or special imaging of the eye.

At Chester County Eye Care Associates, Dr. Kuc says he and his fellow eye care professionals use a comprehensive process to screen the total health of the eyes and visual systems for their patients, adding that their goal is to do everything they can to help their patients retain a lifetime of clear vision and healthy eyes. In the end, whether interested in an eye exam or LASIK surgery, Dr. Kuc says patients should always be sure to consult with a qualified and experienced eye care professional before receiving any treatment.

About Christopher J. Kuc, OD

Dr. Christopher Kuc is a graduate of Grove City College and earned his Doctor of Optometry from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He has served as a staff optometrist with Chester County Eye Care Associates since 2003 and is certified by the State of Pennsylvania to medically treat glaucoma and inflammatory or infectious eye diseases. Dr. Kuc is available for interview upon request.

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