Acteva Rides the Wave of Educational Revolution With Its Cloud-based Class Management Software

ActevaCMS revolutionizes the way organizations process registrations, payment and front/back office management for various onsite and online classes and diverse training programs.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the world caught up in the age of growing universal demand for training and education, Acteva has expanded its product to help accommodate businesses in the newly emerging market.

Now especially tailoring its platform towards the needs of a broad range of educators and class administrators, the company reported exponentially increasing client base and sales over the past year. In 2012 Acteva launched the fully automated cloud-based solution ActevaCMS ( to provide a broad range of institutions and companies with a transparent, feature-rich registration and management platform.

Now, more than ever, organizations are adopting education as an additional source of revenue, realizing that increased awareness by clients results in increased product and services success. ActevaCMS offers organizers a solution that allows them to focus on their clients while maintaining confidence that their registration systems are working smoothly and comprehensively.

With the release of ActevaCMS, Acteva added to its list of clients many hi-tech and healthcare companies, nonprofit organizations, and institutions of higher and continued education such as Calypso Software, Xavier University, HammondCare and Capital Safety. Some of the unique features of ActevaCMS include class catalog, student and instructor management, certification and credit-tracking and post-class surveys to ensure top-level organization, and integration with a robust email marketing module. ActevaCMS allows training administrators to focus on their students without constantly overseeing the management logistics of registration.

Today, companies all over the world use ActevaCMS to manage classes and monetize their content effectively, regardless of size and audience. "ActevaCMS is a subscription based, scalable and secure registration platform suitable for both online and onsite training environments," says Bill Briner, Vice President of Products at Acteva. The basic version of ActevaCMS, ActevaCMS Plus, has many free embedded tools ideal for organizations hosting trainings and small-scale classes. For access to other high-end functions and features such as Connectors for Salesforce CRM, Moodle and Avectra interfaces, customers can upgrade to ActevaCMS Pro for an activation fee.

Boris Williams, Human Capacity Building Officer for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said, "ITU has a great international training system critical to the development of ICTs globally. However, our limited resources are strained managing all the classes throughout our Global University system and hinder development." By integrating ActevaCMS with the Moodle Platform, ITU successfully has found a solution that maximized their productivity and created a unified framework to address all aspects of their training programs.

As companies continue to utilize education to increase profits, we look forward to facilitating this educational expansion in various industries with even more personalized, modernized and innovative solutions in the near future.
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Founded in 1998, Acteva is the most experienced Online Registration & Payment, Event, Class & Training Management and Secure Private Community Solution provider in the market today. They have been helping organizers manage and promote their events, classes, training, and online payment management for over 14 years now. Acteva has been a pioneer in the Event technology industry; helping more than 25,000 organizations host over 500,000 events that have been attended by more than 8 million people. Acteva serves corporations, organizations and numerous non-profits such as the Food Shippers of America, Crain Communications, American Red Cross, the Leukemia Research Foundation, the World Cup Dreams Foundation, World Policy Institute and many more. For more information about Acteva please visit


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