Top Fitness iPad App, Fitblok, Now on the Web for All

Fitblok, the New Fitness Platform, Announces the Release of Its Full Web Solution

BURLINGAME, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 10, 2013) - Previously released on iPads only, Fitblok is already featuring daily workouts from over 100 elite trainers and with the expansion of the platform to the web it is now available to the broader market through any device with a web browser.

Fitblok is designed to create the ideal conditions for participants to achieve and sustain their fitness goals through access to fresh workouts from trainers of their choice, and an open platform for trainers in all categories, intensities, styles, and languages to connect with and train a broad audience. People describe it as fitness meeting eBay meeting Facebook.

"Now that Fitblok is on the web everybody with an internet connection has the access and ability to train on a schedule which is proven to lead to better results. No more excuses," says Fitblok co-founder Todd Durkin. "Fun or intense, yoga or weight lifting, the fitness choice is totally up to you. Plus, you get to invite your friends to join you in all the fun with no membership or upfront commitments required."

Through its Facebook fan page Fitblok has created a community of over 21,000 fans eager to engage in the web platform. Fitblok has experienced rapid growth over the past three months since the initial launch of its iPad app. With the growing demand for online training, coupled with the positive iPad user feedback, the gained web access will position itself to fill that demand with Fitblok as a quality offering. The potential growth is exponential due to the platform's inherently viral nature as it offers social media and email integration.

Fitness-minded participants who are interested in more information on Fitblok can visit, and click the Introduction tab to learn more. Qualified, enthusiastic, and driven trainers interested in getting on Fitblok can visit the Trainer Resources tab.

About Fitblok

For fitness enthusiasts, Fitblok provides access to independent trainers from every field of fitness. Participants have unprecedented flexibility to find great trainers and participate in the sessions that work for you. The ability to create lasting relationships with your favorite trainers, and share in the experience with your friends, will encourage a greater sense of commitment and accountability on a daily basis.

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Marketing and Customer Relations Manager
Fitblok, Inc.
(866) 266-6880