Star Fantasy Leagues Partners with Industry Leader, IDology, to Help Improve Player On-boarding and Deliver the Ultimate Online Fantasy Gaming Experience

By incorporating robust identity processes and a fraud prevention platform, Star Fantasy Leagues is able to provide a secure gaming environment utilizing on-demand technology that offers complete control of the identity proofing process.

ATLANTA, GA., July 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Star Fantasy Leagues, an organization that offers the most comprehensive and user-friendly fantasy sports experience online, today announced their partnership with industry leader, IDology, Inc., a provider of real-time technology solutions that verify an individual's identity and age for anyone conducting business in a customer-not-present environment. IDology will help support Star Fantasy Leagues in their effort to improve player on-boarding, prevent fraud and meet compliance regulations.

The IDology platform offers a complete, efficient and on-demand solution to confirm an identity and age in real-time utilizing a friendly, non-intrusive approach that protects player privacy and supports the regulatory requirements and restrictions regarding age. The IDology platform was developed to help increase player acquisition by improving the on-boarding process while also reducing incidences of fraud.

"We are extremely excited to have partnered with IDology," said Zach Stanley, President at Star Fantasy Leagues. "As a leader in the identity verification and fraud prevention space, IDology is perfectly suited to assist us in making sure our players feel secure from identity theft and fraud. This partnership will allow us to combine the strength of robust identity solutions to reduce risk while also improving our customer on-boarding experience. Knowing our participants are who they say they are is very important in accomplishing our goals."
IDology will support Star Fantasy Leagues in not only confirming participant age, but also in analyzing the composition of an identity including any potential signs of fraud, all through an on-demand management solution that business managers can control and make changes in real-time in order to stay ahead of the fraud landscape. Star Fantasy Leagues will gain access to extensive reporting, customizable analytics and multiple configurations and/or hierarchy based on business, state or regulatory requirements.
"As online gaming continues to expand, only assessing if a participant is of age will no longer be sufficient," said John Dancu, CEO of IDology. "The IDology platform will allow Star Fantasy Leagues to gain additional insight into an identity along with potential fraud indicators in order to drive player acquisition, decrease costs, prevent fraud and meet compliance regulations."
About Star Fantasy Leagues, Inc.
Star Fantasy Leagues, Inc. the brainchild of brothers Zach and Justin Stanley, is a Rochester, NY based company that provides a platform for a robust free and real money gaming experience in daily fantasy sports, weekly fantasy sports, and season-long fantasy sports contests, Star Fantasy Leagues is focused on innovating games and proprietary technology for the fantasy sports industry. In the summer of 2011, the Stanley brothers lost their father, Dean V. Stanley, in a battle with lung cancer. What Dean left behind for his sons from years of hard work put them in a position to do what he would have wanted them to do -- build the dream that they had for so long. To learn more about Star Fantasy Leagues – where fantasy sports meets innovation – visit
About IDology, Inc.
IDology, Inc. provides real-time technology solutions that verify an individual's identity and age for anyone conducting business in a consumer-not-present environment to help drive revenue, decrease costs, prevent fraud and meet compliance regulations. Founded in 2003, IDology offers a solution-driven approach to identity verification and fraud prevention that ultimately helps increase customer acquisition and improve customer experience. IDology has developed an innovative and on-demand technology platform that allows customers to control the entire proofing process and provides the flexibility to make configuration changes that are deployed automatically – without having to rely on internal IT resources or IDology's customer service – so customers can stay ahead of the fraud landscape while maintaining compliance. For more information, visit or call 866-520-1234.


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