New Tool Lets Sales Managers "Clone" Their Top Performers

Sales organizations are constantly seeking sales training tools to increase profits. A new solution from RepriseMail promises to make every sales person a top performer.

San Francisco, July 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RepriseMail has launched a new sales training product to help sales managers "clone" their highest performing sales people. Based on a new science of studying email workflow patterns - known as business intelligence for email - the solution promises to help sales managers identify what sets star sales performers apart, then mirror those behaviors across their sales team.

"We consistently find that top salespeople use email extremely well, and that's what sets them apart," said Bret Beresford-Wood, CEO at RepriseMail. "Our system shows sales managers the email sales strategies that work best, so they can roll those out among all sales team members."

Email remains the primary form of business communication, and its use in business is rising 10% a year, according to the Radicati Group. Sales teams rely heavily on email. Some salespeople don't even bother making calls any longer because executives they need to reach will only respond via email.

Sales managers face a daunting task of managing their sales teams in today's fast-paced economy. RepriseMail's business intelligence dashboard gives them a better understanding of how their teams are using email. It allows them to measure how successful sales people remain productive via email - business intelligence that leads to higher sales volumes.

"In the sales pipeline, there has to be some way to manage your sales team's effectiveness along the road. We used to have a six-month sales cycle with my last product. As the sales manager, I tried desperately to find tools to help me measure what was going on in between that first client contact and the final sale," said Jim Bruner, who previously managed sales at a global exchange and now leads RepriseMail's sales department.

The New Science of Business Intelligence for Email

RepriseMail installs into Microsoft Outlook and analyzes email usage patterns based on patent-pending algorithms the company has developed. After just 24 hours, sales managers can see and compare every individual sales person's email habits. Sales managers can clone star performers by measuring how those individuals use email against the whole sales team and other individuals.

RepriseMail provides a side-by-side comparison view, making it easy to spot meaningful differences in 20 email key performance indicators. These include email traffic volumes, response levels, time to respond, percent of email that is internal versus client-focused, time spent on email, inbox checking habits, and even a series of unique "productivity killers" such as pouncing on every email as it comes in.

By aligning "star performers" with average or low-performing salespeople, sales managers gain valuable business intelligence on what the stars are doing differently. The sales manager can then provide instructions to the team as a whole on which email strategies are most effective, and which KPI's each team member should focus on improving. RepriseMail also offers trend reporting so sales managers and each team member can track improvement over time.

Free Trial for Sales Managers

RepriseMail offers a 30-day free trial on its website, No credit card is required, and there is no limit to the number of salespeople that can be added. For larger organizations seeking to evaluate the solution for 100 or more users, RepriseMail offers a 60-day trial and the ability to deploy the Reprise Plugin for Microsoft Outlook over the corporate network.

Founded in 2012, RepriseMail is the worldwide leader in business intelligence for email. Recognizing that nearly a third of the time people spend at work is on email, RepriseMail has architected the world's premier platform to measure email productivity and improve the way people use this mission-critical technology.


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