PageUp People Adds Candidate Relationship Management to Talent Management Suite

New Functionality Enables Multinationals to Create Engaged Talent Communities Across Regions to Support On-Demand Recruiting and Talent Mobility Requirements

ATLANTA, GA and LONDON and MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwired - Jul 30, 2013) - PageUp People, a leading multinational talent management solutions provider, today announced the upcoming addition of Candidate Relationship Management, (CRM), to its unified talent management suite. Designed to enable organizations to engage job seekers and nurture these relationships in order to cultivate a ready talent pipeline, PageUp People's CRM module enables corporate recruiters to remain connected to individuals who might be a future fit. 

Recent research puts talent shortages at 35% globally, with particularly acute talent shortages in Japan, Brazil, India and Hong Kong. The impact of these shortages can make or break the future of a company: growth is impeded; employee morale diminished; and even the ability to properly serve customers is affected. Industry experts such as Lou Adler, as well as enterprise recruiting platforms such as LinkedIn, have indicated that among currently employed professionals -- the most desirable candidate in many cases -- only 18% are actively contacting corporate recruiters to be considered for new employment. Since the majority (82%) aren't proactively participating in job searches, employers need to connect with them through other means and keep them engaged in case the right job opening arises for which they'd be a match.

The PageUp People CRM is not restricted to external Talent. This new functionality helps organizations understand their existing skills, enabling them to source candidates from the current workforce. PageUp People's CRM reduces the cost of sourcing candidates while increasing talent retention and morale as employees enjoy career progression and development.

Some of the key features of the PageUp People CRM include:

  • One Platform: The CRM is a module built in the same unified talent management platform as PageUp People's entire Talent offering. This enables a seamless experience for the user as well as ease of adoption of components of the CRM into other components of the Talent journey as applicable.
  • Market and Organization Mapping: Recruiters can build an organizational overview of the skills and job titles of talent competitors, allowing for targeted candidate campaigns to be designed and executed.
  • Employment Brand: For many organizations -- especially consumer brands -- potential employees are also possible clients. The CRM enables delivery of engaging personalized communications representing the brand, prompted by and sent automatically as appropriate. Since internal talent is actively considered for career opportunities, the employment brand is further reinforced with positive messaging regarding career opportunities.
  • Cost reduction and ROI: By enabling searching and identifying targeted talent both internally and in the social market (i.e. LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook), to create qualified talent pools for current and future requirements. Benefits include reduced "time to fill", reduced recruitment agency fees and quality candidates.

Karen Cariss, CEO of Page Up People, commented, "Candidate relationship management is an integral part of the talent management suite and PageUp People has taken it a step further by developing deep functionality that differentiates us from the competition. For example, our ability to produce meaningful talent maps and build talent pipelines that address current and future talent storages combines our extensive global experience with the latest technologies. As the market knows, when the industry analysts rate our solution, we receive the highest marks for comprehensive applications and our CRM module is no exception."

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