Panzura Enters Strategic Reseller Relationship With Cleversafe

Panzura Cloud Storage Controllers Add Support for Cleversafe dsNet Object Storage System

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 26, 2013) - From the floors of VMworld 2013, Panzura, a leading provider of global cloud storage solutions and Cleversafe, the solution for limitless data storage, today announced they have entered into a strategic partnership enabling Cleversafe to sell and promote the combined solution to large-scale enterprises. Panzura added support for Cleversafe's Dispersed Storage (dsNet®) system to create an enterprise-ready NAS storage service, with a global file system that includes snapshots, deduplication, distributed file locking, and encryption. Cleversafe solves petabyte and beyond big data storage problems with distributed storage architecture, and the combined solution reduces storage costs by up to 90% while enabling secure and reliable global access and distribution.

The massive growth in unstructured data, and the trend toward globally distributed workforces, makes it imperative to provide a scalable, distributed storage infrastructure, but traditional NAS storage systems are too expensive and unwieldy to meet this demand. The combined Panzura/Cleversafe solution lets enterprise customers leverage the Cleversafe dsNet storage system for all unstructured data storage requirements -- with Panzura providing the global file system, thereby enabling worldwide storage consolidation and distributed file sharing. In addition, the Panzura solution also provides a robust archiving, backup, and DR platform.

By applying Cleversafe's unique Information Dispersal technology to slice and disperse data, single points of failure and centralized synchronization points are eliminated. Cleversafe's approach delivers the powerful combination of analytics and storage in a geographically distributed single system, which enables organizations to efficiently scale big data environments to hundreds of petabytes or even exabytes. Using Panzura Global Cloud Storage Systems in conjunction with Cleversafe dsNet provides:

  • Sharing of files across all sites of a globally distributed enterprise for improved access and productivity
  • Full data security from military-grade encryption of data both in motion and at rest
  • Seamless integration with massively scalable cloud capacity for all unstructured file storage
  • Cloud-based active archiving, backup, and disaster recovery services

"Cleversafe delivers petabytes of big data storage with a huge savings on storage costs," said Russ Kennedy, Vice President Product Strategy, Marketing & Customer Solutions at Cleversafe. "By connecting Panzura's Global Cloud Storage System to the Cleversafe storage solution, our customers get a full-featured, cloud-integrated NAS solution with a global file system and rapid data access and processing."

Panzura provides seamless NAS functionality in the cloud. Its global file system provides dynamic file locking, global deduplication, global snapshots, and local caching and pinning. This allows organizations to gain complete control over files stored in the cloud while allowing seamless and secure access from any device anywhere. Panzura also is a partner in Cleversafe's Solution Network, which is designed to provide customers with a comprehensive ecosystem offering the most cost-effective, scalable, and highly available end-to-end storage solutions needed to address business requirements now and well into the future.

"The Cleversafe dsNet and Panzura solution will empower users with highly secure, reliable, anytime and anywhere access to files stored in enterprise cloud infrastructures," said Jim Thayer, Vice President of Channels and Business Development at Panzura. "By combining the platforms, enterprises can access and process unstructured data efficiently and quickly, with lower costs and a streamlined infrastructure."

Visit Panzura and Cleversafe at VMworld in San Francisco at Booth 301

Executives from both companies will present "Object Storage for the Enterprise: Breaking the NAS Vicious Cycle" on Wed, Aug 28th at 12:20 PM in the Solutions Exchange Theater

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