VIEVU Announces Partnership Agreement With Motorola Solutions for Its Line of Body Worn Video Cameras for Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Private Sector Customers

SEATTLE, Oct. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VIEVU, the industry leader in body worn video (BWV) for police, law enforcement and other security organizations, today announced its partnership with Motorola Solutions, enabling Motorola to add a small form-factor, highly secure body worn video (BWV) solution camera to their existing security product line.

The advancement of video technology offers new tools to law enforcement that benefit both agency and the communities they serve. Video helps law enforcement capture evidence, increase conviction rates and protect personnel from spurious accusations. VIEVU wearable cameras enable officers to capture video and audio evidence directly at the point of engagement. Waterproof and lightweight, VIEVU cameras clip onto an officer's uniform and record up to four hours of HD video and audio.

According to a study sponsored by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, 93% of police-misconduct cases in which video is available result in the officer's exoneration; 50% of complaints are immediately withdrawn when video evidence is used; while  94% of citizens support the use of video.

"Body worn video for law enforcement isn't a trend; it's a much-needed shift in technology. Limitless in the application and universally applicable to all police incidents, body worn video is the next piece of equipment on every law enforcement uniform in the United States," said VIEVU president and founder Steve Ward

BWV cameras provide a "police perspective" and factual accuracy into critical incidents while dismissing erroneous "eye-witness" accounts, and offers the only foil against the staggering monetary lawsuits brought against law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Moreover, as the general public calls for increased police accountability and transparency, the use of BWV is key in rebuilding public trust and confidence, while reducing costs associated with litigation and false citizen complaints footed by public tax dollars. 

VIEVU BWV cameras are about the size of a pager and easily clip onto an officer's lapel or belt, making it efficient for officers to video and record ALL their actions. Video is secured and authenticated for court use, while a chain of evidence logs and tracks who accesses the video and what they do with it.

All VIEVU body worn video cameras come with VERIPATROL™, a secure video file management system which includes several layers of security protection to ensure chain of custody and evidence protection. Officers cannot access much less edit the video; only department-assigned software administrators can do that. Additional security prevents unauthorized access if the camera is lost or stolen.


Made by cops for cops! VIEVU is the leader in body worn video (BWV), providing a secure, high-resolution video camera for law enforcement, security, emergency medical services and retailers. Built on police experience, VIEVU body worn video cameras are used by over 3,100 law enforcement agencies in 15 countries. VIEVU received the highest score in an evaluation of body worn video by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. For information please visit


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