Phase2 Announces the Release of Open Atrium 2: The Next Generation of Open Source Collaboration Software

The Enterprise-Level Solution That Fundamentally Changes the Approach to Collaboration Software

ALEXANDRIA, VA--(Marketwired - Oct 24, 2013) - Phase2, the digital content strategy and technology experts, announced today the launch of Open Atrium 2, a uniquely powerful and flexible open source collaboration software that revolutionizes the way in which organizations securely connect with their project teams. Open Atrium is Drupal 7 based and is used to build enterprise-level intranets, collaboration platforms, and knowledge management systems.

As an open source alternative to cumbersome and proprietary solutions that have long ruled this space, Open Atrium 2 integrates with an organization's existing systems and applications to create a secure and powerful framework that produces effective collaboration solutions. Open Atrium 2 features a completely extensible architecture that can be customized and built out to meet future collaboration demands, all without the vendor fees and lock-in that come with proprietary software.

"What makes Open Atrium 2 unique is that it is built, and continues to be improved upon, by a dedicated open source community that understands how people collaborate today," said Jeff Walpole, Phase2's CEO. "As an open source solution, the code and integration flexibility means Open Atrium 2 can integrate with other plugins and modules in Drupal, as well as with APIs from other established collaboration tools."

Open Atrium 2 provides a framework for mobile access, identity management, discussions, and document collaboration. Other core out-of-the-box features include:

  • Extensible architecture. Open Atrium 2 has the flexibility to integrate with modules, custom code, and already established software.
  • Built to Scale. Open Atrium 2's framework provides the flexibility to build a small departmental intranet or an extensive multi-site portal with the ability to scale as an organization grows.
  • Granular security and data privacy. Organizations can control exactly who has access to what content, and can clearly see content privacy settings on every single page.
  • Customizable look and feel. Users can select from preloaded responsive templates, a configurable header for each space, and unlimited color choices, allowing organizations to customize a site's look and feel without requiring code changes.
  • Robust asset management. Users can seamlessly access, store, attach, embed, and collaborate on documents, images, and videos.
  • Dynamic communication tools. Users can stay connected, exchange ideas securely, and easily keep up to date on projects with notifications, discussions, and activity streams.

"The launch of the updated release represents a new direction for Open Atrium," said Karen Borchert, VP of Strategic Initiatives for Phase2. "What we've seen evolve is the way individuals and organizations are collaborating, which is by increasingly relying on multiple devices and communicating to multiple groups. Because of its powerful data security, Open Atrium 2 differentiates content from people to consistently control how information is shared and accessed across different constituents and devices."

Since 2009, Open Atrium has long been the open source collaboration, intranet platform, and knowledge management resource of choice for organizations around the globe. With over 250,000 downloads since its original debut, Open Atrium has powered thousands of collaboration platforms, including solutions for The White House, PBS NewsHour, the World Bank, and Intel.

About Phase2
Founded in 2001, Phase2 is a leading digital strategy and technology firm serving the world's most influential organizations by providing strategic consulting, development, and design services. With offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, and a growing team of more than 80 people, Phase2 is an expert at helping clients with enterprise-level websites, intranets, social collaboration, and knowledge management solutions. Phase2 leads the open source Open Atrium project and acts as a steward for a community of more than 100 contributors who help make the use of this software possible.

About Open Atrium 2
Open Atrium 2 is open source collaboration software that enables organizations to securely connect their teams, projects, and knowledge. As the leading Drupal-based open collaboration platform, Open Atrium allows organizations to integrate existing software to create secure, yet powerful collaboration frameworks, such as intranets, social collaboration platforms, web portals, and knowledge management systems. Open Atrium is led by Phase2 as the steward for a community of more than 100 contributors who help make the use of this software possible.

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