New Book, 'Glossary of Hope,' Applies Messages of New Testament to Modern Problems

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwired - Nov 4, 2013) - A new book by Christian E. Mégrelis, ( "Glossary of Hope," provides a research-based, contemporary distillation of New Testament teachings and their applications today.

"Today's society has nothing in common with the ancient world," says Mégrelis, former vice chairman of the United Bible Societies and current vice chair of the International Union of Economists. "Many of the teachings of Jesus and his Apostles are difficult to understand, let alone put into practice."

This alphabetical glossary provides a reader-friendly look at the ancient writings of the New Testament and illustrates their relevance to our everyday lives. Questions about life, human relations, family, money, love, food, the body, walking and many other subjects are discussed in a way that gives readers ideas and suggestions for how they can live according to Jesus' teachings.

The main episodes and characters of the New Testament are presented so that even people unfamiliar with Christian culture can easily understand them. The glossary-style organization allows readers to select passages in the order that works for their needs.

How can the example and teachings of Jesus help reinvent a reader's life? How can teaching people to love their neighbor, bring the hope that is the basis for happiness?

"My challenge in writing this book was to provide readers with answers to these questions," Mégrelis says. "I tried to do this by sharing my personal experiences of staying on the road that must be followed in order to live in keeping with the message of Jesus."

Amazon reviewer Eve gives "Glossary of Hope" five stars.

"The book is a good guide into the teachings of Jesus," she writes, "... full of useful thoughts on modern life and how to resolve the difficulties to live according to Christian values."

About Christian E. Mégrelis

Christian E. Mégrelis holds master's degrees in engineering, business and political studies. He is the founder of Exa International, a multinational engineering company, and vice chairman of the International Union of Economists. He is also the former vice chair of the United Bible Societies, a major world publisher of the Bible. He is the first publisher of the Bible in the French-speaking world.

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