Global Wave Group Announces Randy M Ruckle as SVP/Chief Operating Officer

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 14, 2013) - Global Wave is pleased to announce the appointment of Randy M Ruckle as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Ruckle will be responsible for the company's growth strategy, which includes operations and client management. "I am pleased to join Global Wave Group and become part of this dynamic organization which has developed a superior end-to-end support system for a bank's credit process from client origination through approval, documentation and ongoing risk management. Global Wave's Credit Track is the culmination of development achieved by incorporating the concepts, experiences, and needs of bankers directly involved with clients and every step of a bank's internal processes. Not only does Credit Track provide a superior end-to-end solution, it is configurable for individual client needs and customized processes," said Ruckle.

A 35-year financial services industry executive, Mr. Ruckle has a combination of experiences ranging from direct client generation and management, through portfolio management, underwriting, credit approval, boarding, and administration, as well as compliance and ongoing risk management both at the client level through the oversight of large portfolios and centralized processes. Mr. Ruckle was responsible for the establishment of centralized underwriting and support for multiple commercial business segments and geographies.

Mr. Ruckle has held positions, including senior management positions, within Union Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Metrobank. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in finance and economics from Indiana University. He also successfully completed the Pacific Rim Bankers' Program within the Pacific Coast Banking School.

"Global Wave is excited to have Randy on our team. He has a tremendous amount of experience and capabilities that he brings from his prior roles. Randy's excellent combination of leadership and proven management expertise will further strengthen our commitment and dedication to our operations and client management," said Zubin P Mehta, President/CEO.

Based in Aliso Viejo, California, Global Wave Group is a financial services technology company. Our business model is focused on helping banks streamline credit operations and become more efficient by use of our technology products, integrating existing systems and leveraging data across the enterprise. Our value proposition is to enable bankers to become more efficient in processing loans, thereby allowing them to spend more time managing customers and generating new business. 

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