Universal Releases Aviation Safety Management System (SMS) Manual Framework

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Nov 25, 2013) - For business aircraft operators, probably one of the least appealing and "flashy" elements of the Safety Management System (SMS) model is the documentation of processes and procedures, otherwise known as "the aviation SMS manual." Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. offers some best practices and free resources to make the construction of the aviation SMS manual simple and complete.

"While there are many examples available in the industry of what an aviation SMS manual should look like, there is only one manual that is appropriate for your organization: the one that is created based on the reality of what your organization is doing to effectively manage safety," advises Jason Starke, Safety Management and Integration Operations Manager for Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

The purpose of the aviation SMS manual is to tell a story, a non-fiction one, of what your organization does to manage and ensure safety throughout your operations. The aviation SMS manual should outline who does what, why it is done, and what the expected result of the process will be. It should also state who has authority and responsibility for the things being done and to whom that individual is accountable. "The reason for this is if the process needs to change or is not performing as planned," said Starke, "then those in the operation will know who to turn to."

The information included in your aviation SMS Manual must reflect what your operation is actually doing. The content should explain what is done to resolve safety issues of various SMS processes and what the result is, as well as, the performance requirements of the SMS.

"Best practice is to have your manual be a reflection of reality in what your organization does to effectively and systematically manage safety," said Starke. "It should be a document of what is accomplished, rather than what is aspired to. When describing your SMS processes, write in a clear and understandable manner, keep it simple and accurate."

To get started developing an aviation SMS manual, operators can download a PDF version of an aviation SMS Manual framework here, or they can request an MS word version here.

For more information on aviation SMS, visit http://www.universalweather.com/sms.

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