Coastal Healthcare Consulting and NextGate Partner To Create Convergence: A Patient Identity Management Solution

Coastal Healthcare Consulting, Inc. combines their expert project implementation skills with NextGate's Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) software to deliver a solution to optimize registration data for healthcare organizations

PASADENA, Calif., Jan. 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coastal Healthcare Consulting, Inc. combines expert project implementation with NextGate's Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) software into a new offering called Convergence. Convergence is a Patient Identity Management solution that alleviates costly errors caused by mismatched patient information by optimizing the accuracy, consistency, and interoperability of patient information, beginning at the point of registration. Today's widespread exchange of electronic health data, across information systems and between organizations, demands a reliable mechanism to ensure data relate to the same patient. "One of the biggest challenges healthcare organizations face is educating staff on the importance of accurate patient identification and providing the appropriate tools and processes to capture and distribute that information." said Coastal Healthcare Consulting's President, Amy Noel.

Coastal's Convergence offering targets the patient registration process, which is a major contributor to the creation of data inaccuracies or duplicate records. Convergence represents a "best of both worlds" solution to optimize registration data by combining Coastal's expertise in HIT process management, integration, and implementation, with NextGate's leading EMPI technology. This compelling partnership includes a full scope of services: Project Management, Data Reconciliation, Design and Configuration, Integration and Testing, Training and Post-Activation Optimization.

"NextGate's EMPI is used by over a hundred organizations to identify, match, de-duplicate, and cleanse patient records. The result is a Single Best Patient Record stored in a centralized master index available to any system," said Andy Aroditis, CEO of NextGate. Gay Fright, Coastal Healthcare Consulting's Executive Vice President of Business Development adds, "We augment this proven software solution by working side-by side with the client to provide project management, workflow analysis, design ideas, validation testing, and training -- a perfect convergence of expert solutions!"
About Coastal Healthcare Consulting, Inc.

Coastal Healthcare Consulting, Inc. (Coastal) is a professional services firm focused on helping clients achieve their healthcare information systems implementation goals. Coastal's work has earned industry recognition including the prestigious "Best in KLAS" award for its clinical implementation support services from 2005 – 2009. Coastal's client-focused professionals have the information, expertise and solutions to ensure successful completion of implementation, project management and training projects for multi-facility and individual healthcare organizations. Please visit or call Amy Noel at 206-324-6540 to learn more.
About NextGate

NextGate's MatchMetrix Technology Platform helps existing applications work better, together. The industry leading NextGate EMPI, along with a suite of identity management registries, integrate, index and coordinate data from disparate systems to provide unified views, expedite decision processing, and streamline interoperability to drive performance. For more information, visit


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