Buckaroo Spotlights Small Town Theaters with Upcoming Movies

The hub of "All Things Local" hosts upcoming movies and tickets to over 100,000 communities

San Jose, Calif., Jan. 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- From action to romance films, subscribers on local news and events site Buckaroo.com now have access to upcoming movies. Movie information is the latest form of entertainment to hit Buckaroo's platform, along with updates on everything from real estate to adoptable pets in over 100,000 communities.

"As a local tool, we want to provide news and entertainment for the smallest of communities in North America," said Alan Fisher, Co-Founder and Chairman of Buckaroo's parent company Iron Speed, Inc. "Showing local entertainment in tight knit communities can be a difficult task. Adding movies to Buckaroo's daily updates helps us achieve that goal."

Buckaroo hosts entertainment from some of the Internet's largest providers, giving people a greater variety of fun things to do in their neighborhood. Other events on Buckaroo vary from concerts and hobby groups to what's happening at the bar down the street.

"We're excited to show our users additional fun things to do in their community," adds Fisher. "If the majority of people read the news online, why not have access to local entertainment all in the same place?"

For free, subscribers can bring exposure to their own local events using Buckaroo's posting feature. From lost pets to classified ads, Buckaroo hosts local information across North America.

About Buckaroo

Buckaroo is the online hub for local shopping, news and events. Buckaroo's parent company, Iron Speed, Inc. (www.ironspeed.com), is well-funded with a capital base of over $20M from several strategic investors and executives from AMD, Excelan, Onsale, and Oracle. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in San Jose, CA. Find Buckaroo on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.



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