Oakland, California's Mayoral Candidate Chooses Mach 1 Development and DocuTRACER(R) to Offer Cyber Security Protection for Campaign

OAKLAND, Calif., Feb. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Samuel (Sam) Washington, a Mayoral candidate for Mayor of Oakland, California announced selecting and using Mach 1 Development, Inc.'s ("Mach 1") DocuTRACER® protection technology platform for his campaign. DocuTRACER® deploys a cost-effective, next generation security solution that focuses on insider threat and "Advanced Persistent Threat" (APT) mitigation. Mr. Washington's campaign utilizing DocuTRACER's advanced technological features ensures sensitive documents from security breach and maintains personal document integrities.

Sammuel (Sam) Washington, Oakland, California, Mayor Candidate, states, "Mach 1's new approach to cyber security finally brings a new method of situational awareness for insider threats and how to mitigate the threat. The DocuTRACER® program focuses on the file identity and the movement of the data, allowing us the tools to gain the upper hand and be proactive against potential bad actors and leaks in the campaign and in city government."

Paul Greene, President Mach 1, states, "DocuTRACER® provides look-back, real-time, and look-forward analytics and projection of document movement, velocity, user actions, timeframes, and outcomes."

"We are excited to be chosen to protect the campaign in Oakland. Sam has a lot of public sector experience and did not choose us lightly. It's a good step for the Oakland mayoral race, that DocuTRACER will be protecting their information," states Bill Kalogeros, VP of Sales at Mach 1 Development.

DocuTRACER®'s patent-pending DocuPRINT® capability embeds a digital fingerprint into a document when it is initially created and each time it moves or is modified and provides real-time analysis and reporting of user access, modification, and distribution of files.

About Mach 1 Development

Serving global commercial, military, and government markets since 2007, Mach 1 Development, Inc. is a veteran owned small business with offices in offices in Austin, TX, Los Gatos, CA and Ashburn, VA. All of Mach 1 Development's products are built in the USA to meet the rigorous standards of DOD customers; from its software source code to e-Seal container locks. With deep expertise, skills, and experience in identity, security, communications, hardware, and materials, Mach 1 has designed and built a robust portfolio of intellectual property assets and an extensive global network of technology alliances.

About Sam Washington

Sammuel Washington brings proven leadership and technical depth to the City of Oakland, CA. As Vice President at ITSource Technology as well as prior leadership roles at Kaiser Permanente, Northrop Grumman, and IBM, he has extensive successes and 20+ years of technology planning and delivery background. Sam's civic experience includes serving and supporting a wide range of community services throughout Northern and Central California. In 2006 Sam was appointed to The City of Richmond, CA, Human Relations Commission, serving through the end of 2007. Currently, he is in his 9th year as Contra Costa County, CA, Sheriff as a volunteer Law Enforcement Support and Chaplain.

For more information, please contact, Sam Washington at sammuel.washington@netzero.net, 650-218-9171 and/or Bill Kalogeros at bill.kalogeros@mach1development.com (877)222-2968.