Upcoming Fitness Lifestyle Trainer, Fitnotix, uses Indiegogo for support

BATON ROUGE, La., March 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Building on the success of its recently launched running app, Fitnotix is proud to announce its upcoming Fitness Lifestyle Trainer will be utilizing the crowd funding platform Indiegogo to raise money and include member feedback to complete development.

Their flagship product, the Fitness Lifestyle Trainer, will guide its users by teaching them how to develop eating habits and adaptable exercise routines that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Fitnotix does this through a web-based and mobile application that provides guided workouts, meals and meal plans, customized to each user. The Fitnotix system also learns the user and modifies constructive feedback and future workouts based on performance, increasing the chance users achieve their goals.

"We've already helped thousands of users be smarter about the way they run. We want to bring our same intelligent system to users interested in changing their entire lifestyle. We want to help those who have tried and tried again, but cant break through. This is what Fitnotix is designed to do. It's not only about changing behavior, but also educating users on the proper ways to eat and exercise to achieve those goals" says Fitnotix CEO, Drew Langhart.

Fitnotix looks to include members in Alpha and Beta testing with the respective levels of contribution. The company is also offering lifetime memberships, launch party invites and even the opportunity to be in a Fitnotix commercial at different investment levels.

To read more about the Fitnotix campaign, visit: igg.me/at/Fitnotix.

Fitnotix released its first app last year to the Apple App Store. Currently the Fitnotix running app allows users to plan a course within the mobile device, get GPS turn-by-turn directions, and keep runners aware of pace by providing audio updates. Since its release last July, Fitnotix has been downloaded in over 50 countries across the world. The upcoming Fitnotix Fitness Lifestyle Trainer will be an upgrade to the Fitnotix running app, with the running component remaining one of the many features within the upcoming Fitness Lifestyle platform.

About Fitnotix:

Fitnotix is a company founded on the philosophy of habit & success. We are committed to apply this philosophy to not only our company, but also all our products. Fitnotix is a web and mobile platform that provides an all-inclusive approach to building a fitness lifestyle through workouts, meals, and by providing a back-up plan for almost anything life throws your way. Fitnotix is a brand of Mind Body Matrix, LLC. For more information, go to www.fitnotix.com.


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