CrowdBouncer Announces Continuation of Series A Raise on Customer Platform CrowdAlliance

BUFFALO, N.Y., April 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CrowdBouncer, Inc., the leading securities compliance software platform for online private equity raises, announced that it is continuing its Series A capital raise through CrowdAlliance. CrowdAlliance, part of the Asset Alliance group of companies, designed and developed a state-of-the-art technology platform for issuers and accredited investors to meet in a unique online interactive marketplace.

CrowdBouncer offers highly scalable and low-cost software solutions for securities compliance issues arising under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act ("JOBS Act"). CrowdBouncer focuses on making it easier for investors and issuers to navigate a number of regulatory pain points associated with new powers allowing companies to use the Internet to advertise capital raises and sales of securities.  Of the $600,000 CrowdBouncer is seeking to raise, $437,500 has been committed and closed to date with investments from Rand Capital, a venture capital firm, and Z80 Labs, a technology incubator based in Buffalo, NY.  The CrowdAlliance platform has implemented CrowdBouncer's accredited verification API to assist with the process of ensuring that all investors that participate in the offering are legally permitted to do so.  

Only "accredited investors," as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission, should register at CrowdAlliance to view the CrowdBouncer Private Placement Memorandum and offering materials and only accredited investors may purchase the securities being offered by CrowdBouncer.

About CrowdBouncer, Inc.

CrowdBouncer is the compliance platform for the online private equity world.  CrowdBouncer's business focuses on simplifying cumbersome and costly securities compliance processes in order to make private equity easier and more secure.  The Company delivers services such as automated accredited and identity verification and anti-money laundering screening to help a wide range of financial institutions and issuers of securities ensure they are in compliance with the securities laws.

About CrowdAlliance

CrowdAlliance is a web-based technology platform that allows accredited investors to view and subscribe to investment offerings posted by issuers who believe they have unique and innovative companies that are poised to grow in their respective markets. The technology platform assists issuers in launching their financing campaigns online to connect with a wide range of interested and qualified investors. For more information please visit

About Asset Alliance Corporation

Asset Alliance is a multifaceted financial services company founded in 1996 with offices in New York, Chicago, and Newport Beach. The Asset Alliance group of companies makes strategic investments, provides referral services, offers strategic opportunities for select fund managers, provides advisory services to organizations and individuals, and manages investment products for high net worth and institutional investors. For more information please visit


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