CrowdBouncer Launches for Accredited Investor Verification

Free-to-Consumer Product Makes Compliance Portable for Private Equity Investors

BUFFALO, N.Y., May 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CrowdBouncer announced today the launch of (, a free web application for its accredited investor verification services. offers a user interface through which accredited investors can become verified and receive a virtual "certificate" as evidence of their verified accredited status. Investors can then port their accredited certificate to all CrowdBouncer customer platforms that have integrated the enterprise software, such as CrowdAlliance (, LM2 Network (, CrowdClear ( and InvestNextDoor (

 In September 2013, new rules went into effect that allow startups and other companies selling securities to raise capital to publicly advertise their offerings over the Internet.  The tradeoff is that these companies can only sell securities to individuals that meet certain wealth metrics called "accredited investors" and must take "reasonable steps" to verify that each investor meets these metrics. is built upon CrowdBouncer's application programming interface (API) which offers investors a variety of methods to securely verify their accredited status and facilitate other compliance tasks that stand in the way of closing.

"One of the biggest challenges with the new rules that permit advertising offerings of securities online is the accredited verification component," said Bob Carbone, the company's founder and CEO. "In order to make this as frictionless as possible, we have offered a free platform at that accredited investors can use to become verified.  Becoming verified in advance makes deal closings faster and easier."

On the other side of the transaction, companies selling securities that need to verify accredited investors can register with CrowdBouncer to claim the accredited certificates issued through CrowdBouncer has several future releases on the horizon with additional features covering other compliance tasks involved in private equity deals that are publicly advertised under the new Regulation D rules.

About CrowdBouncer

CrowdBouncer ( is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for Regulation D compliance in the post-JOBS Act world.  A wide variety of financial institutions and issuers of securities use CrowdBouncer to comply with new requirements under Regulation D when advertising securities over the Internet.

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