Agriculture Department, Mississippi Agencies, Others Join Forces In First-Ever Statewide Summer Food Service Program Kickoff To Feed Children In Poverty

Magnolia Health Promotes USDA FNS and MDE OHS Efforts to Provide More Than 2 Million Healthy Meals to Mississippi Children This Summer

JACKSON, Miss., May 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Officials from the Agriculture Department, Magnolia Health and the Mississippi Department of Education Office of Healthy Schools today launched a statewide summer food service program to provide more than 2 million healthy meals to impoverished areas across the state. The Agriculture Department targeted Mississippi and five other states to boost the program in 2014.

Other states are: Alabama, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, and Texas.

"Children need good nutrition all year long. When school lets out, millions of low-income children no longer have access to a healthy school breakfast or lunch," said USDA Food and Nutrition Service Administrator Audrey Rowe. "USDA's summer meal programs help fill the gap for children who depend on free and reduced-price meals when they are in school."

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) will provide more than 30,000 meals a day in Mississippi – two meals a day per child – for a total of 2.07 million meals in the summer of 2014. That's an increase of 12 percent over the 1.85 million meals (26,916/day) provided last year. Meals will be provided at schools, mobile sites, low-income housing units, religious institutions, and more.

"Our children are our future, and we must provide them with a healthy lifestyle so they can reach for their dreams," said Jason B. Dees, president and CEO of Magnolia Health. "We are committed to delivering good, nutritious food throughout the summer to children across the state. The key to good health starts at the family table."

The food program was announced at the Mississippi Capitol by officials from the Agriculture Department, Magnolia Health, MDEO OHS, the Public Policy Center of Mississippi and other local, state and national organizations.

To boost awareness of the program, additional Summer Food Service Program launch events are slated over the next month across the state in Jackson, Miss., Hattiesburg, Miss., Greenwood, Miss., Biloxi, Miss. and Tupelo, Miss.

The SFSP is a USDA Food and Nutrition (USDA FNS) initiative to reduce food scarcity for children living in districts where 50 percent or more of the child population qualifies for free or reduced lunch. One-third of Mississippi's children live in homes where access to good, nutritious food on a regular basis is limited, according to the USDA.

Last year, nearly 400 sites across Mississippi served about 1.85 million meals to children living in poverty stricken areas. Magnolia Health and the Public Policy Center of Mississippi will continue to work with the Mississippi Department of Education Office of Healthy Schools and USDA FNS to sponsor regional events to provide free meals to school-aged children across the state.

About The Public Policy Center of Mississippi

The Public Policy Center of Mississippi believes all people deserve good, nutritious food at affordable costs. The center works with national and state hunger initiatives, advocates, organizers, and program leaders to address the growing problem of hunger and poor nutrition in Mississippi. Currently more than one fifth of Mississippians live in hunger – and many of these are children. The PPCM is committed to making a difference by connecting Mississippians to each other and to food security. Whether it is through the USDA Summer Food Service Program, SNAP benefits, WIC, food sustainability programs, and much more, the time is now for Mississippi to become No. 1 in food security. Together we can connect Mississippi to good food and good nutrition. To learn more, visit

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