RideScout Expands to 69 Cities on 6/9

All-in-one transportation app begins their "Summer of 69" with increased app coverage in North America

AUSTIN, Texas, June 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, RideScout, the technology platform revolutionizing how people find and use ground transportation, announced their expansion to a total of 69 cities in North America, beginning their "Summer of 69." Prior to today, RideScout had full coverage in five US cities.

In their free iOS and Android apps, RideScout brings together 337 transportation services, enabling 186 million people to search for rides, discover more options and explore dozens of cities, with more coming soon.

"In a short period of time, RideScout has secured relationships with ride providers in these 69 locations and people from cities around the world who have been asking for RideScout, a marketplace for all their transportation options," said Joseph Kopser, Co-Founder and CEO of RideScout. "Our ride search engine has allowed us to scale quickly across North America, integrating both nationwide and hyperlocal solutions, something none of our competitors have been able to match."

RideScout offers national carshare services like Zipcar and car2go, bikeshare systems like Citibike, Bay Area Bikeshare and B-Cycle nationwide, and taxi services like Hailo and Flywheel, enabling the company to expand coast to coast at a rapid pace. Integration of local services like City CarShare in San Francisco, or Gett in New York City tie RideScout to the local transportation community.

"RideScout is a great example of innovation, a company that is moving fast to solve one of our country's biggest challenges--transportation," said Aneesh Chopra, former White House CTO, author of "Innovative State" and current RideScout advisor. "By leveraging available open government data and partnering with private industry, RideScout provides the best of both worlds in one platform, completely changing how people everywhere can make decisions about how they travel."

RideScout aggregates ground transportation services, including public transit, private options, and social rideshare, allowing people to search and compare options on demand and in real time. Last week the company was selected as a winner of the U.S. Department of Transportation's Data Innovation Challenge, recognizing how RideScout simplifies the way Americans see and understand transportation.

For a list of all 69 cities and available rides, please visit RideScout's website.
Comments on the news

"As our nation's transportation system becomes increasingly complex, the traveling public relies on tools like RideScout to quickly find the information they need to make informed travel decisions," said Scott Belcher, President and CEO of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America. "RideScout's impressive expansion has transformed mobility and quality of life in dozens of cities across the country, showcasing the power of technology in improving accessibility for all."

"Almost 10 years ago, I myself was frustrated with the lack of transit information available for public consumption, so the TriMet team worked with Google to develop a new way to organize it--GTFS," said Bibiana McHugh, TriMet's IT Manager of Geographic Information Systems. "What RideScout is doing to organize information about all the transportation options available around you is the next phase and something that people in cities around the world want and need."

"Our members have been looking for ways to let more people find out about the forms of mobility that they are offering," said Alan Woodland, Executive Director of the Carsharing Association. "RideScout connects people with the information they need to make better decisions about transportation and get out single occupancy vehicles."

"It's one of my goals as mayor to help the District of Columbia become one of the healthiest, most livable cities in the country," Mayor Gray said. "I'm happy to be a part of RideScout's launch because they are working towards a similar goal--helping to make existing and emerging transportation resources more accessible to all our residents."

"The default answer for transportation in Austin does not have to be a personal car. Companies like RideScout make it easier for Austinites to find the transportation options that work best for them," said Austin Council Member Chris Riley. "For every Austinite who finds an alternative for their commute, RideScout has helped all of us by taking one more car off the road."

"I am constantly seeking ways to make it easier for people to get around Boston, from late-night trains to more bike lanes," said Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh. "As we update our Climate Action Plan, we will be looking for new technologies that will make it easier for Bostonians to reduce their carbon footprint."

"The Commission is pleased to welcome burgeoning options like RideScout that facilitate public transportation in the District," said DC Taxicab Commission Chairman Ron M. Linton.

List of 69 RideScout cities and available rides

New York City, NY: MTA subway and bus, Metro-North, Tappan Zee Express, Long Island Railroad, NJ Transit, Bee-Line Bus, Long Island Bus, PATH, Zipcar, Carpingo carshare, Hailo taxis, Gett black car service, Bandwagon, Citibike, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Los Angeles, CA: LA Metro rail and bus, Metrolink, Omnitrans, FlyAway, LADOT, Zipcar, Silvercar car rental, Flywheel taxi, Sidecar, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Orange County, CA: OCTA, Zipcar, Flywheel taxi, Amtrak
Chicago, IL: Pace Suburban Bus Division, PACE, Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad, Champaign Urbana Mass Transit District, Chicago Transit Authority, Zipcar, Hailo taxis, Sidecar, Parking Panda, Divvy Bikeshare, Amtrak
Dallas, TX: Dallas DART, Zipcar, Silver Car, Parking Panda, Amtrak, taxi
Fort Worth, TX: Fort Worth Transit Authority, Trinity Railway Express, Zipcar, Silver Car, taxi, Fort Worth Bike Sharing, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Houston, TX: MTA Harris County, Zipcar, taxi, Houston B-Cycle, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Philadelphia, PA: SEPTA, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Washington, DC: WMATA Rail, WMATA Bus, DC Circulator, Arlington Transit, Annapolis Transit, Virginia Railway, MARC Train, MTA, Fairfax Connector, car2go, Zipcar, Hailo taxi, Sidecar, Capital Bikeshare, Parking Panda, , Amtrak
Fort Lauderdale, FL: Broward County Transit, taxi, Broward B-Cycle, Amtrak
Miami, FL: Metrobus, Metrorail, Metromover, Tri-rail, car2go, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Atlanta, GA: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Zipcar, Hailo taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Boston, MA: MBTA, Massachusetts Port Authority, Zipcar, Hailo taxi, Sidecar, Hubway bikeshare, Parking Panda, Amtrak
San Francisco Bay Area, CA: AC Transit, BART, CalTrain, SMART, Muni, VTA Light Rail, Samtrans, Golden Gate Ferry, Zipcar, City Carshare, Silver Car, Flywheel taxi, Sidecar, Bay Area Bikeshare, Parking Panda, Scoot scooter share system, Amtrak
Phoenix, AZ: Valley Metro, Verde Lynx Bus, car2go, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
San Bernardino, CA: Omnitrans, Sunline Transit Authority, Zipcar, taxi, Amtrak
Detroit, MI: Detroit Department of Transportation, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Seattle, WA: King County Metro Transit, Sound Transit, car2go, Zipcar, Flywheel taxi, Sidecar, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Minneapolis–St. Paul, MN: T-Metro St Paul, MVTN, car2go, Zipcar, Hourcar, taxi, Nice Ride Bikeshare, Parking Panda, Amtrak
San Diego, CA: SDMTS, NCTD, car2go, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Tampa, FL: Hillsborough Area Regional Transit, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
St. Louis, MO: Metro St. Louis, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Baltimore, MD: MTA Bus, MTA Rail, Metro Subway, MARC Train, Charm City Circulator, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Denver, CO: RTD bus and rail, car2go, Zipcar, eGo Carshare, taxi, Denver Bike Sharing, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Pittsburgh, PA: Port Authority of Allegheny County, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Charlotte, NC: Taxi, Sidecar, Charlotte B-Cycle, Amtrak
Portland, OR: Trimet, Ride Connection, Swan Island TMA, MAX, car2go, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
San Antonio, TX: VIA Metropolitan Transit, Zipcar, taxi, San Antonio B-Cycle, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Sacramento, CA: Sacramento Regional Transit, Roseville Transit, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Cincinnati, OH: Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky, Southwest Ohio transit Authority, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Cleveland, OH: Greater Cleveland Transit Authority, Zipcar(university campus), taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Kansas City, MO: KCATA, Zipcar (university campus), taxi, Kansas City B-Cycle, Amtrak
Las Vegas, NV: Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, Zipcar, taxi
Columbus, OH: Central Ohio Transit Authority, car2go, taxi, Parking Panda
Indianapolis, IN: IndyGo, Zipcar (university campus), taxi, Indiana Pacers Bikeshare, Parking Panda, Amtrak
San Jose, CA: Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Austin, TX: Capital Metro, car2go, Zipcar, Silvercar car rental, taxi, Austin B-cycle, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Nashville, TN: RTA, Zipcar(university campus), taxi, Nashville B-Cycle, Parking Panda
Hampton Roads, VA: Hampton Roads Transit, Zipcar, taxi
Providence, RI: Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, Zipcar, taxi, Amtrak
Milwaukee, WI: Milwaukee County Transit System, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Memphis, TN: Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Louisville, KY: Transit Authority of River City, taxi
Raleigh, NC: Capital Area Transit, Chapel Hill Transit, Triangle Transit, Durham Area Transit Authority, NC State Wolfline, Cary Transit, Zipcar (university campus), taxi, Amtrak
Salt Lake City, UT: Utah Transit Agency, taxi, GREENbike, Amtrak
Buffalo, NY: NFTA, Zipcar(university campus), Buffalo Carshare, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Kailua/Honolulu, HI: The Bus, taxi, Hawaii B-Cycle, Amtrak
Albuquerque, NM: ABQ Ride, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Omaha, NE: Zipcar(university campus), taxi, Omaha B-Cycle, Amtrak
Albany, NY: CDTA, taxi
El Paso, TX: Sun Metro, taxi, Amtrak
Colorado Springs, CO: Mountain Metropolitan Transit, taxi
Madison, WI: MetroTransit, Zipcar(university campus), Community Car, taxi, Madison B-Cycle
Daytona Beach, FL: Space Coast Area Transit, taxi
Des Moines, IA: DART, taxi, Des Moines B-Cycle
Modesto, CA: Modesto Area Express, Stanislaus Regional Transit, taxi, Amtrak
Lexington, KY: LexTran, taxi
Santa Barbara, CA: Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District, Zipcar, taxi, Amtrak
Newark, NJ: NJ Bus, New Jersey Transit, PATCO, Port Authority Transit Hudson, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Zipcar, taxi, Parking Panda, Amtrak
Savannah, GA: Taxi, CAT Bike, Amtrak
Eugene, OR: Lane Transit District, Porter Stage Lines, Eugene to Bend, Zipcar, taxi, Amtrak
Boulder, CO: RTD, taxi, Boulder B-Cycle, Amtrak
Ann Arbor, MI: Ann Arbor Transportation Authority, University of Michigan Transit Services, taxi, Amtrak
Asheville, NC: Asheville Transit Service, taxi
Bend, OR: Cascades East Transit, Cascades POINT, taxi
Toronto, Canada: TTC, car2go, Zipcar, Hailo taxi, Bike Share Toronto, Amtrak
Montreal, Canada: Societe de Transport de Montreal, Societe de Transport de Laval, Reseau de Transport de Longueuil, Agence Metropolitaine de Transport, car2go, Communauto, Hailo taxi, Bixi bikeshare, Amtrak
Vancouver, Canada: Translink, British Columbia Rapid Transit Company, car2go, Zipcar, Modo, taxi, Amtrak
Calgary, Canada: Calgary Transit, car2go, Calgary Carshare, Amtrak
About RideScout

RideScout is a technology platform that aggregates public, private and social rideshare on its free iOS and Android apps, allowing people to search and compare ground transportation options on demand and in real time. Hailed as the Kayak™ of ground transportation, RideScout shows users transit, taxi, ride share, car share, bike share, carpool, walking, biking, driving and parking in one view. The company is based in Austin, TX, with a Washington, DC, office at startup campus 1776. Please visit www.ridescoutapp.com for more information or Google Drive for RideScout's media kit and app screenshots.

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