Vision Industries to Introduce Radically Improved Hydrogen Range Extended Electric Class 8 Trucks with IREx

Long Beach, CA, June 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ( -- Vision Industries Corporation (OTCQB: VIIC) today announced that it will introduce its newly developed "Intelligent Range Extender" system in its next generation Class 8 trucks, originally designed for short-haul cargo transportation, which is commonly referred to as "Drayage."

Due to dramatically improved key components, Vision Industries is now able to build a Fuel Cell Electric Class 8 tractor that offers longer range, higher efficiency and lower weight at a competitive price to existing diesel and NG trucks. This system will widen the available applications for these trucks from short-haul drayage to regional trucking, all at reduced operating cost and always with a zero-emission footprint.

In addition, Vision Industries is developing the next generation of Fuel Cell Eclectic Class 8 tractors that use Intelligent Range Extension(IREx(TM)). Intelligent Range Extension is the integration of GPS and Fleet Management Software to build an optimal fuel cell-profile that governs the electric drivetrain, fuel cell and battery management systems. The end result is a zero-emission transportation fleet that optimizes its energy consumption per mile.

  1. A trucking fleet dispatcher enters a job into a Fleet Management Software;
  2. GPS calculates the distance between locations, traffic information and route profile (is there a bridge or hill? If so, how steep?); then
  3. Vision's IREx(TM) and the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) takes the information, analyzes the data and assigns an individual Fuel Cell Profile; that
  4. Regulates the fuel cell's operations in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

This system will be designed to interface with most fleet management systems used to date and is intended to be integrated into future Terminal Operation Software to further streamline and improve the overall efficiency of Drayage Fleet Operation.

"IREx(TM) enables a driver to plan and execute his or her workday while optimizing the overall fuel and time efficiency, therefore increasing profitability of every single shift", says Vision's CEO Martin Schuermann.

About Vision Industries

Vision is a developer of zero emission electric/hydrogen hybrid powered vehicles and turnkey hydrogen fueling systems. Vision's proprietary hydrogen/electric hybrid drive system combines the superior acceleration of a battery powered electric vehicle with the extended range provided by a hydrogen fuel cell. For more information on Vision Industries Corp., please visit

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