Buckaroo Offers Unlimited Access to Event Tickets with TicketSpot

Event ticket site joins over 500,000 free event listings on Buckaroo

San Jose, CA, June 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Buckaroo, the new provider of local news, events and shopping, now offers subscribers entertainment and ticketing information from TicketSpot.com, the leading resale marketplace to buy event tickets. Among local event listings, Buckaroo delivers daily deals, adoptable pets, jobs and more for 80,000 communities.

"We're very happy to have information from companies like TicketSpot that offer tickets at a potentially cheaper rate than large vendors or the box office," commented Alan Fisher, Co-Founder and Chairman of Buckaroo's parent company Iron Speed. "We want to let users choose how they buy tickets, and TicketSpot helps achieve this."

Buckaroo makes it easy to find a variety of local entertainment. As the site's second-most popular category among subscribers, a 20% increase in user engagement is expected of all sport and event tickets that cross Buckaroo's platform this year.

Users can post their own event tickets to Buckaroo at no cost. Those with an account receive 'What's Hot', a free daily e-newsletter giving a snapshot of what's happening in their neighborhood. 


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