Diet Doc's Medical Weight Loss Programs Announces Hormone Treatments and Exclusive Diet Pills That Make Following a Gluten Free Diet Easier

Diet Doc's Exclusive Hormone Treatments and Appetite Suppressing Diet Pills Help Dieters Maintain Their Weight Loss Intentions While Following a Gluten Free Diet

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With America's increasing awareness of serious weight-related diseases and conditions, including gluten allergies, discovering the key to better health has become a priority for many people. But, even though awareness of these issues has increased, finding the fast weight loss program that works best can be challenging.

Following a gluten free diet to lose weight, and to avoid the negative side effects of consuming high amounts of potentially harmful food items that contain gluten may sound simple, but many dieters find sticking with their gluten free diet challenging. Diet Doc's weight management professionals recognize the benefits of reducing processed carbohydrates, both to lose weight and to eliminate harmful health consequences caused by gluten, and incorporate their exclusive hormone treatments and appetite suppressing diet pills into their programs to help dieters maintain their weight loss intentions while following their gluten free diet.

Diet Doc has found that the key to helping patients stick to a gluten free diet is a steady combination of support, as well as education on learning to choose healthy, low calorie, gluten free foods. With this in mind, Diet Doc created their comprehensive gluten free diet plans that include nutritionist-designed meal plans that are specific to each patient's individual needs, exclusive hormone treatments and diet pills that are proprietary to Diet Doc, unlimited and direct access to the company's highly trained fast weight loss professionals and medical supervision and guidance throughout each patient's journey toward improved health.

New Diet Doc patients will complete a medical questionnaire and consult with one of Diet Doc's physicians. During the consultation, the doctor will review the patient's entire system to uncover any cellular toxicity, hormonal imbalances or other obstacles that may be preventing fast weight loss and prescribe exclusive hormone treatments and diet pills that, when combined with the tailor made diet plans, turn the body into a fat burning machine and make the patient's gluten free diet plans easier to follow.

Qualified patients will receive a prescription for Diet Doc's exclusive hormone treatments and diet pills that help patients avoid the diet side effects typically associated with following a gluten free diet, such as loss of energy, between meal hunger and food cravings, while also encouraging the body to quickly burn excess fat. These diet products can be easily reordered over the phone or the internet and, for added convenience, all products are delivered directly to each patient's home or office for immediate use.

Diet Doc's modern approach to following a gluten free diet for fast weight loss not only allows patients to comfortably lose weight, it also provides them with the skills necessary to maintain their weight in the future, something that the competition has been unable to offer their patients.

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