ArmourLite watch gets caught in a wild shark feeding frenzy and survives

Video is part of ArmourLite Watch Company's Shark Awareness Campaign

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While people have been glued to the television since Sunday watching another season of Shark Week on Discovery Channel, it is important to remember what is really happening to shark populations around the world.

As a company consisting of avid outdoorsmen, competitive ocean swimmers, a marathon kayak racer and scuba divers, ArmourLite Watch Company has always been a strong supporter of protecting our irreplaceable natural marine resources. When our watches debuted in 2009, our team of scuba divers was able to dive with wild sharks quite regularly. Nearly every scuba trip they went on, sharks were easily spotted. By 2011, seeing a wild shark became a true rarity. More importantly, the public finally grew aware of what was happening to sharks around the world. While humans have feared sharks throughout history, humans were now the ones that sharks really had to fear. The overfishing of sharks for their fins has truly devastated shark populations around the world. Reports indicate that over 50 million sharks are killed each year, primarily for their fins. Several species of sharks have even declined by over 99% in some of the world's oceans.

What can you do to help save the sharks?

First, ArmourLite recommends that you visit Shark Savers, a New York based non-profit organization, is working endlessly to confront the issue of rapidly declining shark populations around the world. The organization wants to improve the image of sharks, raise awareness about the threats to sharks, reduce the demand for shark fins, and ultimately end the practice of shark finning globally.

Second, confront your fears and go scuba diving with sharks; before it's too late to experience them in the wild. Eco-friendly shark diving and shark feeding tours around the world generate significant tourist income for host countries. The income generated helps convince local authorities to ban the killing of sharks. Studies have shown that over a lifetime, a single living shark may be worth over $200,000 in tourist income while the same shark may only be worth $50 if killed. Countries such as the Bahamas and Palau have even gone so far as to create protected shark sanctuaries.

One of the best places to truly get up close and personal with wild sharks is in the Bahamas. Since 1978, Stuart Cove has run one of the world's most popular shark diving and shark feeding operations. Every afternoon, Stuart's highly experienced dive masters and professional shark feeders allow certified scuba divers of all skills level to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime Shark Adventure and dive with wild reef sharks without any kind of protection. During one part of the Shark Adventure, the dinner bell is rung and a professional shark feeder hand feeds the wild reef sharks. The scuba divers get to sit a mere 20 feet away and watch this incredible act of nature.

(** Shark Savers and Stuart Cove are not affiliated or connected with ArmourLite Watch Company)
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