Stratfor Editorial Series Puts Spotlight on Africa's Power Sector

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Aug 18, 2014) - On the heels of the inaugural U.S-Africa Leaders Summit held in Washington, Stratfor today published the first installment of its newest editorial series focusing on sub-Saharan Africa's electricity generation and transmission capabilities and analyzing opportunities for growth in the region's power sector.

Stratfor is a leading geopolitical intelligence and consulting firm that helps clients and subscribers anticipate opportunities, manage risk and gain a better understanding of the broader impact of regional and international developments.

"During the recent leadership summit, Africa's power sector attracted by far the most attention, support and political and economic capital," said Mark Schroeder, Stratfor's vice president of Africa analysis. "It's a topic we frequently provide guidance on for our clients as well. Many countries in Africa are experiencing significant economic growth, and expanding the continent's power grid will help reinforce and sustain this growth while providing new investment opportunities in what's become a huge market."

Stratfor's three-part editorial series -- Electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa -- provides an overview of the power networks in West Africa, southern Africa and East Africa, and touches on the massive power generation initiatives taking place across several African countries.

"Power generation and the related infrastructure and engineering work, as well as hydrocarbon exploration and production, are exactly the areas we hear about most from the global corporations we advise in the energy sector," added Schroeder.

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Read part one of the company's new editorial series, "Powering Africa's Economies: Prospects for Growth In Electricity Markets," here:

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