Back to School is Ideal Time to Consider Children's Eye Care Needs

PLANO, Texas, Aug. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Local optometrist Dr. Todd Brantley, of Lone Star Vision, encourages parents to take action now regarding their children's eye care needs. "School is starting again and now is the time to get your kids in for a comprehensive eye exam," said Dr. Brantley. School children rely on their eyes to read text books and view chalkboards, whiteboards, electronic instruction tools, and more.

Dr. Todd Brantley is urging parents to bring children in for an eye exam at the start of the new school year. The optometrist said, "Parents want to give their children the best opportunity to succeed, and eye exams play a fundamental role when it comes to thriving at school. Children can have educational challenges when they can't see the material."

The best time to have a child's eyes checked, according to Dr. Brantley, is during back to school preparations. This gives parents time to order and receive glasses and children an opportunity to become accustomed to wearing them before entering a learning environment. He warns that 80 percent of the material presented in the classroom is visual, making the ability to see clearly extremely important.

When buying glasses for children, Dr. Brantley recommends focusing on fit rather than fashion. He says patients do not have to sacrifice one for the other, but fit should be the primary concern for school-aged children. Glasses that do not fit properly are more likely to fall off and break and they may be uncomfortable for the child, especially when glasses are too large.

Dr. Brantley says glasses should be fitted to each child before leaving the optometrist. If they do not fit properly after arriving home, parents should return to the optometrist with their child to have them properly adjusted.

Other things parents should focus on when selecting glasses include durability, lens protection, and the level of activity children engage in. For instance, athletic children will need something to hold their lenses in place during sports and should consider more durable frames as well as additional lens coatings (if not a separate pair to wear for sports and roughhousing).

The doctor says parents should also consider investing in backup glasses for children who frequently misplace things and for those who have extreme vision problems and are unable to function without their glasses.

Lone Star Vision offers two locations serving the needs of Plano and Celina. In addition to providing eye care to children, both practices offer a wide selection of designer frames and adult vision services. "Our appointment schedules are booking up fast, but we still have plenty of openings available. Parents should not put off getting their child in for a comprehensive eye exam and need to call today," said Dr. Brantley.


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