Blab Inc. and CEO Randy Browning Featured on CNN Show 'Smart Business'

For Its Disruptive Technology That 'Acts as Crystal Ball' to Shift Time, Maximize Ad and Content Spend

SEATTLE, Sept. 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blab Inc. and CEO Randy Browning were featured today on the new CNN show Smart Business, in a segment highlighting the company's technology that is the first and only predictive analytics tool that optimizes how brands engage with their audiences by predicting which online conversations relevant to a brand will gain volume by channel up to 72 hours in advance. Smart Business explores how the world's brightest minds are getting ahead by thinking outside the box, and looks at the ways companies are thinking smart to thrive and become more innovative.

"There's been a fundamental shift in the way that marketers need to engage customers and it comes down to this: customers are happy operating in real time. I learn, I'm engaged, and I'm excited about living my life in real time. But businesses are scared to death to operate in real time, because when you're spending millions of dollars in media, you don't want to be in a reactive state. You don't want to say, 'Hey, I'm caught off guard,'" said Browning.

"What we do for brands is we shift time. We say here's what will be resonating with your target audience up to 72 hours in the future, a breakthrough when you're looking at gaining ROI on huge ad and content-spends," continued Browning.

By leveraging predictive conversation insights, marketers can adjust, change, optimize and contextualize everything from ad spend, to content, to engagement and communications tactics, with preemptive foresight. This is a breakthrough for marketers tasked with generating ROI for their campaigns, content, and digital media buying activities.

To discover the zeitgeist of a topic, and how that may change moving forward, seed terms are used versus traditional search terms to discover the obvious and non-obvious conversations. Blab proprietary software then patterns and predicts which online conversations will trend up or down, and by volume and channel.

Blab analyzes and associates text in 'any language' (100 million conversations/day across all languages), including images and video across thousands of real-time data sources (50,000 content platforms).

Blab is used by Fortune 1000 companies and licensed by agencies including Mindshare, one of the four largest global media planning/buying agencies, and by Horizon Media, the largest independent media planning and buying agency in the U.S.

About BlabPredicts

Blab is a pioneer in the category of Predictive Social Intelligence. Blab applies proprietary technology and big data processing to organize, pattern, and predict tomorrow's online conversations today. Brands rely on BlabPredicts to understand what matters now, and predict what will matter next, giving businesses the daily predictive intelligence they need to adapt strategies, maximize opportunities, and minimize threats. For more information please visit


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