Transcepta to Automate Accounts Payable for Cupertino Electric, Inc.

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - September 22, 2014) - Transcepta, a leading innovator of cloud based electronic invoicing, accounts payable (AP) automation and procure-to-pay solutions, announced that Cupertino Electric, Inc. (Cupertino) selected Transcepta to eliminate the cost and inefficiencies associated with a paper-based invoicing system for suppliers.

Cupertino is a private company based in Silicon Valley that has provided expert engineering and construction services for a constantly evolving world for 60 years. The company is ranked one of the largest specialty contractors in the nation and is renowned for designing, procuring, constructing, installing, commissioning and maintaining complex electrical systems.

"As we continue to expand into new markets and geographies, we are always looking for solutions that allow us to maximize productivity and decrease cost for the benefit of customers," said Dana Huettenhain, director of purchasing for Cupertino Electric. "Using Transcepta's e-invoicing, PO delivery and purchase order acknowledgement (POA) system will allow us to successfully fuel the next major phase of our business."

Because supplier adoption is a critical component of successfully digital invoicing projects, Transcepta has developed the industry-leading technology and approach to supplier onboarding. To maximize adoption, Transcepta manages the entire onboarding process for its customers. As part of this service, Transcepta notifies each supplier of the e-invoicing initiative and works with them to determine the submission method that would best serve their business requirements.

For each digital invoice submission option, setup is completed in minutes and suppliers are able to send e-invoices directly from their existing billing system for guaranteed, secure delivery. Further, suppliers do not pay any setup or implementation fees and Transcepta does not require participation from supplier IT resources.

"This marks the beginning of a fantastic relationship with Cupertino Electric focused on greatly improving business efficiency, while saving paper resources at the same time," said Mitch Baxter, Transcepta vice president.

About Transcepta

Transcepta was founded in 2005 with the goal of making electronic invoicing for true accounts payable automation a reality, eliminating all paper invoices. Our belief is that the critical success factor for electronic invoicing is supplier participation.

Transcepta is differentiated from other offerings by providing an attractive solution to your suppliers and a managed service to recruit and implement those suppliers. Transcepta is the only electronic invoicing solution that removes the long standing barriers, cost, time, and complexity, to supplier adoption.

While offering robust functionality and flexible integration to your Accounts Payable department, Transcepta enables suppliers to submit invoices with their existing billing system and process. Suppliers do not pay setup or any other upfront fees and implementation takes only five minutes of a supplier's time. IT support is not required for supplier implementation and invoice submission is automated (i.e. not manually typing invoices into a web portal).

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