Fatboy(R) USA Becomes Brighter

Fatboy(R) USA Expands Their Exciting Lighting Collection

DALLAS, Sept. 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- True to its extraordinary reputation for innovation and creativity, Fatboy® USA, a leading trendsetter in lifestyle products, announced today the launch of two new additions to complement their dynamic lighting collection, Fatboy® Edison the Grand and Fatboy® Edison the Medium. Together with their famous Fatboy® Edison the Petit, add a unique fashionable accent to any modern interior or exterior.

The two new additions are made from a sleek lightweight white Polyethylene material. Imagine the classic table lamp in an oversized format and you have Edison the Medium. Then imagine an uber-sized classic lamp and you have Edison the Grand. The LED technology lights up the entire lamp for a beautiful illumination. Now you can create the ideal mood for your living room, garden or sundeck by using the over-sized red dimming remote control. And, of course, there's a Fatboy twist. The red electric cord matches their striking logo perfectly on both the Edison the Grand and Edison the Medium.

"Our lighting collection is designed to allow our fans to customize indoor and outdoor spaces that are both fashionable and functional," stated Paula Masters, President and Managing Director of Fatboy USA. "The new additions are an expression of not only our success with Edison the Petit, but also future innovation."

Once again Fatboy is leading the charge in creating lifestyle product that achieves nothing less than deleting dull. The new Edison lamps will be available starting October 30th.

About Fatboy®

Fatboy® is an imaginative lifestyle brand that excels in thinking outside the box. Fatboy® has been challenging the concepts of lifestyle products since 2002, when it set out to create the perfect lounge chair— designed for fashion, for comfort, and tailored for an unmatched lounging experience. Today, Fatboy® brings energizing comfort and smiles to people in over sixty countries worldwide with a growing line of lifestyle products. Their identity is anchored in iconic European design mixed with a creative spirit and a sense of humor that extends into all of their product offerings. Fatboy® is known for creating iconic products with a simple yet compelling idea reflected in their tagline, "Deleting Dull". Their tagline aligns with what has remained the core of the Fatboy® brand philosophy from birth, which is to design captivating product to evoke an authentic change in people's minds for the better through the experience they have with their lifestyle product. Wrap yourself in the Fatboy® brand experience and share the legacy by visiting www.fatboyusa.com and www.facebook.com/FatboyUSA.

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