Bayshore Networks Expands Partnership With Cisco by Joining ISE/pxGrid Ecosystem

Integrated Bayshore-Cisco Solution Delivers Device and Network-Aware DLP for Traditional and IoT Networks; The Solution Is Now Shipping for ISE v1.3

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 30, 2014) - Bayshore Networks®, which is setting the standard for operational, safety and security policy for the Internet of Things, announced today that it is one of the pioneering members of Cisco®'s ISE/pxGrid Ecosystem.

Cisco is introducing the Ecosystem at Interop New York, being held this week at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. The integrated Bayshore-ISE solution will be showcased in the Cisco exhibit, located in booth #401. Bayshore is part of Cisco's Solutions Partner program.

In February, Bayshore became the first independent solutions vendor to adopt Cisco's Security Group Tag Exchange Protocol, or SXP. Bayshore's implementation of SXP enables Cisco and Bayshore customers to propagate Security Group Tags across Cisco TrustSec-enabled devices.

"Bayshore Networks' Pallaton policy technology enables Cisco to provide a comprehensive solution for Data Loss Prevention in both enterprise and IoT environments," said Russell Rice, Senior Director Product Management. "The combined Bayshore-Cisco solution provides an unprecedented, comprehensive contextual picture that includes identity, device, and network context. This enables adaptable, accurate and scalable DLP policies that reduce the risk of information theft while reducing deployment and operational complexity."

"Integrating user, device and network awareness from Cisco ISE enables our Bayshore platform to serve more use cases, especially around mobility, more efficiently," said Francis Cianfrocca, Founder & CEO of Bayshore Networks. "pxGrid provides a unified, customizable and scalable method for obtaining user, device and network context from ISE. It also provides a method for sharing contextual information with other pxGrid-enabled vendor platforms in the Ecosystem."

The Bayshore-Cisco Integration
The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) integrates with the Bayshore IC™ (Industrial Controls) and Bayshore SE™ (Secure Enterprise) platforms to enable context-driven Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy that is adaptable for protecting traditional enterprise and IoT networks alike. Bayshore's rich IoT protocol recognition and content inspection support provides pervasive visibility of the devices and policies that comprise IoT environments in industrial and manufacturing automation.

ISE integration with Bayshore is accomplished through the following:

  • Bayshore provides rich policy controls and visibility for major IoT industrial protocols, such as DNP3, MODBUS, Ethernet IP, IEC 61850, PROFINET, and BACnet.
  • Cisco ISE provides its device and network information to Bayshore via pxGrid. Network segmentation policy information is provided to Bayshore from Cisco ISE via Cisco TrustSec SXP.
  • Utilizing SXP, both Cisco networks and Bayshore can speak a common network segmentation language, which is critical in driving adaptable, real-time DLP policies especially when combined with Bayshore's rich IoT network awareness.
  • This contextual data from ISE is used to supplement existing Bayshore policy attributes, allowing administrators to adapt DLP analytics and policy decisions based this new criteria coming from ISE.
  • Changes in network segmentation initiated by Bayshore DLP policies are correlated to ISE TrustSec policies, ensuring consistency in how end devices in both traditional and IoT networks access the network.

Additional product information regarding this integration may be found at on the Cisco Developer Network Marketplace at: (search "Bayshore Networks").

About Bayshore Networks, Inc.
Bayshore Networks is setting the standard for operational, safety and security policy for the Internet of Things. Our award winning, industrial-strength cybersecurity platform is developed exclusively in the United States and is trusted by world leaders in Industrial Controls, Critical Infrastructure and Fortune 500s.

The open, flexible Bayshore platform provides a foundation for organization-wide policy execution. It enables you to quickly deploy, evaluate and enforce industry standards and customized application-layer policies that drive your business objectives. Bayshore's core technology is Pallaton™, an embedded, extensible, XML-based policy language.

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