CoverMyMeds Simplifies California's Universal Prior Authorization Process for Prescribers and Health Plans

Offers Faster Alternative in ePA Solution

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, ahead of the January 1st, 2015 CA DMHC deadline, California Department of Insurance regulated health plans have started using a universal prior authorization (PA) form for medications in compliance with law, CA SB 866. The legislation requires health plans to reject any drug and/or plan specific PA requests submitted by prescribers and to respond by providing the new universal form.

While there are a few exemptions — including Medicare and Medi-Cal —more than a hundred commercial and MCO plans regulated in California will ultimately be affected by this law beginning next year. In turn, the logistical acclimation to the new form and its PA process by prescribers will impact patients waiting to get on medications; luckily, CoverMyMeds – the leader in prior authorization – has a solution.

Prescribers can utilize CoverMyMeds' website, which will automatically select and electronically submit the universal form for the PA to the corresponding health plan, ensuring the correct information is received. This free solution includes address book auto-fills for general patient/prescriber demographics, and automatic renewal alerts for even faster determinations.

"With CoverMyMeds, we've made the prior authorization process of the California 1/1/15 regulation much easier for prescribers and health plans," said Perry Lewis, CoverMyMeds' VP of Industry Relations. "We transmit the PA to the plan allowing users to track the approval status through our dashboard and avoid administrative waste in phone calls or faxes."

Additionally, the company has announced that any health plan already integrated and using electronic prior authorization (ePA) through CoverMyMeds will not be subject to the California legislation and may continue to process NCPDP-standard ePAs. Health plans interested in learning more about CoverMyMeds' ePA solution can visit

About CoverMyMeds

CoverMyMeds is the leader in Prior Authorization (PA) and one of the fastest growing healthcare technology companies in the US. Our technology integrates with pharmacy systems, EHRs, and PBMs to create the most efficient electronic prior authorization (ePA) strategy for all participants. With a million PAs processed a month, CoverMyMeds is the only vendor using the NCPDP ePA standard to scale.


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