Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital Rewards Pet Owners for Adoption

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the number of stray animals in need of forever homes at an all-time high, Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital is offering a special incentive program to encourage pet adoption. As part of the clinic's adoption reward policy, pets that are adopted from an animal shelter will receive a free wellness exam within six months of adoption. Pets receive free deworming medication during the initial exam. The clinic is also offering heartworm and FELV/FIV tests for 50% off within two months after a pet's adoption.

Portland veterinarian Dr. Rick White announced that his animal hospital, Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital, is now offering discounted pet care for dogs and cats who are adopted from a shelter or rescue group. The animal hospital is offering the discount as part of an incentive program to encourage pet adoption.

"While the greater Portland community has numerous animal shelters dedicated to helping animals in need, unfortunately these shelters are often right at capacity and unable to accept additional pets," said Dr. White. "We are encouraging prospective pet owners to adopt their pets from a shelter and give these wonderful dogs and cats a forever home."

Pets that are adopted will receive a free wellness exam within six months of their adoption date. Should Dr. White and the veterinary team determine that additional care is required, a complimentary re-check is offered within two months after the initial exam.

The clinic is also offering 50% off heartworm tests for newly adopted dogs and 50% off FELV/FIV tests for adopted cats. All adopted pets will receive 50% off a fecal exam test as well.

"We want pets to have a healthy start in their new lives with their forever families," said Dr. White. "We also recognize that basic wellness care services can add up, especially if adopted pets need special treatment for parasites or another health condition. That's why we're excited to offer our pet adoption reward program, which makes the initial pet care more affordable for pet owners who adopt."

Animal shelters in Portland are currently under severe strain to accommodate the number of pets that are in need of a forever home. Many shelters are working with limited resources and despite many dedicated volunteers, Dr. White says the shelters are struggling to care for all the pets in need.

"Adopting a pet in need from an animal shelter or rescue group is a wonderful, rewarding experience," said Dr. White. "I strongly encourage prospective pet owners to visit their local shelters and get to know the wonderful cats and dogs who are awaiting a forever home."

Dr. White and the pet care team at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital have long been strong supporters of pet adoption. To learn more about discounted services for adopted pets, visit the animal hospital's website at cedarmillvet.com.


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