TG's HigherEDGE customers see impact on CDRs

TG's HigherEDGE customers see reductions in official FY 2011 cohort default rates

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS, Oct. 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The release of official Fiscal Year 2011 cohort default rates (CDRs) from the Department of Education showed student loan defaults remain a critical concern for colleges and universities, particularly those experiencing default rates of 30 percent or more as they are for the first time subject to sanctions, including the potential loss of Title IV funding. However, institutions using TG's HigherEDGE services are experiencing a different trend; demonstrating that partnership with a trusted, experienced industry peer can have a positive impact on decreasing overall CDRs.

"Our customers expect positive results, and the HigherEDGE strategies we employ deliver on those expectations," explained Mark Brody, director of operations for HigherEDGE. "As part of a comprehensive strategy, our HigherEDGE consultants work with the school to develop a workable default management plan that meets the unique challenges of each school client, and help campus officials determine the best strategies to engage their student borrowers."

As of the end of September 2014, more than 67 percent borrowers receiving HigherEDGE grace counseling services have made their first payment successfully, and avoided delinquency. Of borrowers that had been previously reported as delinquent (more than 30 days past due for Federal Direct Loans or more than 60 days for Federal Family Education Loans), 86.8 percent experienced a positive resolution before reaching 360 days of delinquency and were able to avoid the time-consuming and costly collections process associated with student loan default.

"By offering a customized strategy, HigherEDGE can support schools' efforts to minimize student loan default and maintain Title IV eligibility," Brody said. "HigherEDGE services provided very positive outcomes to our four-year public institution customers, providing an eight percent decrease in their overall average cohort default rate."

As of September 2014, HigherEDGE has positively affected the average CDR by more than three percentage points for two-year public and private colleges, and more than three percent for four-year private institutions.

"We value the relationship we built over 35 years with colleges and universities, and we're very enthusiastic about helping future CDRs trend lower for our customers," said Brody. "We will continue to build on our expertise in the student loan industry and with campus administrators to refine their efforts, and expect those efforts to have a positive impact on former, current and prospective students as they manage their loan repayment processes."

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