Low VA Rates Donates Thanksgiving Dinner to Veterans in Need

Low VA Rates and its employees are gathering donations to help veterans in need receive a nice Thanksgiving Dinner.

LINDON, Utah, Nov. 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Low VA Rates and its employees are combining their efforts this Thanksgiving to help give back to veteran families in need.

The company will help assist the St. Elizabeth Shelter in providing a Thanksgiving dinner to families in need in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area.

The St. Elizabeth Shelter in Santa Fe, New Mexico, runs the Thanksgiving dinner annually to provide a nice Thanksgiving meal for local families in need.

Low VA Rates has provided charitable Thanksgiving donations for the past 4 years and is excited about the opportunity to assist some of the veterans at St. Elizabeth Shelter.

President of Low VA Rates, Eric Kandell, has made it a company tradition to help various families across the nation during the holiday season and will continue the tradition this Thanksgiving.

"We have always made it a point to help veteran families during the holiday season," Kandell said. "Many families are in need of our support during the holiday season and we hope the money we raise can help the families have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal."

Low VA Rates is committed to match every dollar donated by its employees and hopes to raise thousands of dollars to help veterans and other individuals in need at the St. Elizabeth Shelter.

St. Elizabeth Shelter is dedicated to assisting homeless individuals and families by providing emergency shelter, food, case management, counseling, supportive housing and referrals to partnering human-service agencies. St. Elizabeth Shelter's ultimate goal is to end the cycle of homelessness.

Michael Bartlett, Consulting Financial Officer at St. Elizabeth's Shelter, has been working with Low VA Rates and helping organize the Thanksgiving dinner effort.

"We really appreciate Low VA Rates support this year and are grateful to assist many homeless families in New Mexico," Bartlett said. "St. Elizabeth Shelter provides a huge Thanksgiving meal at both of our emergency shelters and it's wonderful to be able to assist these families in need as well as those in our transitional and permanent housing programs"

The St. Elizabeth Shelter spends about $12,000 per year on food to assist those in need. The shelter also has raises money for other funds they use to purchase clothing, assist with basic needs and help employ veterans. The shelter spent over $7,000 last year helping individuals and families with basic needs.

To learn more about the St. Elizabeth Shelter please visit: www.steshelter.org.

Low VA Rates and its employees have donated over $30,000 in charitable donations the past five years to various military/veterans families and organizations.

"We take great pride in helping out the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces," Kandell said."We understand the sacrifices these brave men and women make and it's the least we can do to show our appreciation."

Low VA Rates is currently gathering all the donations from its employees and hopes to have the money finalized by next week.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining Low VA Rates to donate money, please email Low VA Rates at pr@lowvarates.com.


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