NextGate Launches MatchMetrix v9: An Interoperability Platform to Identify and Link Healthcare Participants for Holistic View of Data

New XDS Registry and Relation Registry Facilitate Centralized Data Availability and Enable Care Team Collaboration

PASADENA, Calif., Nov. 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NextGate® announced today the release of MatchMetrix® Technology Platform version 9, a multi-registry product suite for master data management and interoperability that derives a connected and contextual view of related healthcare data, independent of the limitations of existing health IT applications. Building on the design and success of the NextGate Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) and NextGate Provider Registry, MatchMetrix v9 offers additional registries and components to master data in new domains, link intra-registry content, and make the information available through standard integration. By providing vendor-neutral centralized access to trusted data from across the enterprise, MatchMetrix v9 gives clinical and financial personnel a holistic understanding of events for efficient care team collaboration, improved customer engagement, and reduced waste of resources.

Today's efforts to develop a patient-centric view of data remain frustrated by poor data quality, inadequate patient identity matching, and challenges with interoperability. Although Electronic Medical Record systems contain unprecedented amounts of patient data, care team collaborators still access other applications to retrieve information. Even then, inconsistent and duplicate data interfere with forming a complete picture.

To overcome these challenges, NextGate taps into existing message flow and uses its identity management technology to assign common enterprise identifiers to various data types.  Content is mastered and maintained within purpose-built registries, such as the EMPI or XDS Registry. Configurable rules instruct the Relation Registry to link together related information between the registries, creating the capacity to develop a multi-faceted view of data.  Web services or other standard protocols make the cross-linked information available to authorized applications on a real-time or as needed basis.
"MatchMetrix version 9 helps organizations realize the benefits of truly connected care," said Andy Aroditis, CEO, NextGate.  "It delivers accurate and consistent reference data for the entire enterprise, and opens up numerous possibilities for improved care, even for those environments with a predominately single vendor."
"This release represents over 3 years of effort, input from 8 beta customers, and the latest in design, technology, and standards," said Gevik Nalbandian, Vice President Software Engineering, NextGate.  "MatchMetrix v9 equips organizations with the precision, flexibility, and interoperability required to support the success of most any IT project."
MatchMetrix version 9 includes these fully integrated components:
NextGate EMPI
NextGate Provider Registry & Directory
NextGate XDS Registry & Repository
NextGate Relation Registry
NextGate ATNA Repository
NextGate Message Server
NextGate Workflow
NextGate Access Manager
NextGate Reporter
NextGate Job Manager
NextGate Installer
Among many improvements across the registry stack, Version 9 incorporates a significant infrastructure change from JavaEE to OSGi.  Now, all NextGate products and components run within the NextGate Server, an OSGi based runtime container. The shift to OSGi provides multiple benefits, including faster startup, easier maintenance, and clearer monitoring details.  More importantly, organizations no longer require 3rd party JavaEE licensing and support fees, further reducing the already low total cost of ownership of NextGate products.

In consideration of the number of customers on earlier MatchMetrix versions, NextGate developed a straightforward upgrade process.  

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